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How to Save Text Pictures Sent to You on LG Lucid Phone

If you are wondering how do I save a photo that was sent to me by someone via text message on my LG Lucid phone you are asking a great question.

A friend of mine sent a text to me that contained a picture.  I wanted to save the picture and either save it on my computer's hard drive or just send it directly to Facebook.

On the LG lucid wireless phone you can take pictures that are saved to your cell phone and share them to various social networking sites, as well as email then, put them on your computer, etc.  It is somewhat easy to do when the picture is already saved to your phone, in other words, when you touch the camera icon you can readily find the picture saved in that part of your phone.  Not sure if I'm saying all that right but hopefully you get the meaning.

The more difficult challenge is when you don't have that picture in the photo file that you access via the camera icon but instead have the picture sitting on some random text message that a somebody sent you.

At first I tried opening the text message and pressing the photo so that it enlarges and then attempting to access it via the menu command (which doesn't seem to work with the picture open) or touching one of the icons on top of the photo, which basically only allow you to save to wallpaper.

So with that all said, how exactly do you save photos that are texted to you on this phone?

I'm sure there are better explanations but this is the only way I've figured out so far.  It doesn't always feel like the most efficient thing to do depending on what you are trying to accomplish (Google Plus, Facebook upload or email, etc)

Here's what works for me:

Step 1

Press the text message "Messaging" Icon so that you are looking at all the people's names who have sent you text messages

Step 2

Then find the person's name that send you the text message and press their name so that all their texts from them and you are appearing on your screen.

Step 3

After that chronological list appears of all the texts press that little square menu button in the lower left corner of your LG Lucid Smart Phone.  The menu should pop up

Step 4

When the menu appears, press "Forward"  Don't worry about selecting a specific text or anything, just press "Forward"

Step 5

The top of your screen should say "Select Message to Send"  Select the text with the photo of the message you wish to send.

Step 6

See the "To" box that appears on the top of your screen?  Yes? Now as you do this just keep trusting me here as at first you won't think you are doing this right.  Touch the "To" box so the cursor is inside it then start to type in your own email address.  As you type the letters it will look like the phone is about to dial a phone number. It won't. Enter your full email address including the "@" ".com" etc etc

Step 7

Then go ahead and hit the "Send" button.  Give it a bit and the photo will appear on your email.  From there I usually go to my PC and then extract it (ie save it, forward it, send it, whatever it is I want to do)


I find it hard to believe this is the only way to do this but this is what I do in the meantime until I figure something out.  Hope it works for you aOK.

Want to Move Pics from Lucid Smartphone to Your PC?  This gets a little cumbersome too.  I'm not talking about pictures that were sent to you via text messaging, I'm just talking pictures taken by your phone and are "on" your cell phone camera, so to speak.  This article will show you how to move pictures from cell phone.  Click the link above and you'll be taken there in a flash :-)


Schuylkill River Fishing and Free Animal Zoo in Royersford, PA

If you are looking for a quick free zoo trip in Montgomery County there is a cool place to go that won't cost you any money. I must be honest, technically it isn't a zoo either but there are plenty of animals held captive at their nature center to make for a fun, quick and cheap trip right in Montgomery County, PA.

Royersford is an area with things to do near Norristown and the surrounding region. They have a place were you can see wolves, foxes, all kinds of hawks, a donkey, goats, turkeys and more all for no price at all.

This is also a rather nice looking fishing spot along the Schuylkill Rivers well. The river is just behind this place and they welcome fisherman to come and fish the day away (PA fishing rules apply of course).

If you are interested in learning more about this great place for casting out your line or learning about indigenous animals of Pennsylvania, check out the post I have linked below.

Click Here for Schuylkill River Fishing and Free Animal Zoo in Royersford, PA

Please also check out some of my other posts both on this site, TurtleDogs Blog and the site I've linked to below called Things to Do In Norristown. Things to Do In Norristown is just what it sounds like. If you live in Pennsylvania this site will show you some ideas to keep you entertained and busy.

Check it out sometime.  I'd love it if you stopped by.

Thanks again for coming by. Again, please check out some more posts on this site, TurtleDogsBlog for great tips on doing just about anything whether it be taking a trip, fixing things around the house, help on your computer, tips on the internet or just general help.  I'm here to help out.



Add a Google Privacy Statement to WordPress WP Theme

Get That Policy Statement On Your Site
We'll I'll admit, I am not a Google Adsense terms of service (TOS) guru, nor am a a WordPress expert yet either.  I am still a work in process.  I've been using service hosted sites like Blogger, Hubpages, Squidoo, etc for years and decided to go the self-hosted route with a WordPress.Org site of my own  (ThingsToDoNearNorristown.Com).

Every so often I'll hear people warn others who have created a self-hosted (via BlueHost, DreamHost, etc) that a privacy statement should be added if you want to show Google Adsense ads on your site.  This statement generally talks about the use of cookies, double click, affiliate ads, etc and the effect they will have on your visitor's PCs. It is necessary to remain compliant with Google Adsense advertising (publisher) policy.  Check Google Adsense TOS from time to time for changes.

The way I complied with this adsense rule was to create my own Privacy Page on the Word Press theme associated with my site.  It was pretty easy to do but, dopey that I am, not that easy to figure out.  Once I learned how to add a privacy page to my WP site though, it was pretty easy.

Again, I'm not a Google TOS expert but hopefully this will get you started. If you think I'm missing anything here or if I am saying something wrong, please comment below and I'll look into your advice.

So here are the Steps I followed:

Step 1 - Find a Google Privacy Policy Plug-In For Word Press

I am quite certain there are websites out there that can create a policy statement custom for you without the need to install a plug-in, but since WP plug-ins are what WP is all about, why not try the plug in?

Download the plug in and activate it.  I used the "Google Privacy Policy" plug in but feel free to choose one that better suits you and the needs of your site.  Other Privacy statement plug ins might respond differently but I suspect they are generally the same as I describe below.

Step 2 - Settings

Click on "Settings" on your WordPress control panel

Step 3 - Google Privacy Policy

In the menu that appears you should see "Google Privacy Policy" or some derivative name of the whatever plug in you chose to install and activate.

Step 4 - Copy What They Tell You

There should be something on the screen that appears that stays Policy Statement or Google Text or something like that.  In or around that title there should be a code (or text) that you can copy and paste.  

Step 5 - Create a New Page

Now make yourself a Privacy Policy page.  On your Wordpress control panel click "Pages", then "Add New" 

Step 6 - Keep Creating The Page

For the title of the page use "Policy Statement" or "Privacy Policy" etc 

Step 7 - Paste It

In the body of the page, click on the tab that takes you to the code (where you'd enter HTML stuff etc, not where you typically do your 'normal' typing).    Paste that thing you copied in Step 4 in this area of the page.  (If you want to learn more about making a page click here and I'll also have a link at the end of this post)

Step 8 - Nothing Happend When I Pasted Privacy Statement Code!!!

The Privacy statment text might not appear while you are in the edit mode of this new page you created.  To prove that this actually works, save the new page you created.  Then open up your website in a new tab (not as the admin but as if you were a normal, random user googling your website) and refresh the screen.

Your privacy statement, based on the verbage the plug in provided, will appear.

Step 9 - I am Not an Attorney and No Trying To Dictate What Is Right For You

I'm not a contract expert, legal expert, I know nothing of your site and don't pretend to. This is important... read the text that the plug in provides and determine if this is right for your site.  For example, I also intend to add Amazon Affiliate ads to my site one day and my Google statement mentions nothing about this so I added a line stating I might make money off affliate ads, blah, blah, blah.     Your site might be different from mine and I can't tell you if the verbage is right but read it and see how it feels to you and how it compares to the current Google Adsense rules, etc.

Overall, it is pretty easy.  I hope this works out for you.  If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below...

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Add Page or Pages To WordPress Theme

Creating a static page in WordPress is pretty easy to do.  Once you create a new page though, it won't just automatically add itself into your WordPress website theme. It isn't the same as when you publish a new post and it is instantly available for you readers to see on your theme. Even when you publish the page it won't appear by default on your webpage / theme.  

There are a couple real easy steps you'll need to take to get your new static page or pages onto your theme to that viewers can see it.

Here are a few easy steps after you have created your page.

Step 1

Go to your control panel on WordPress

Step 2

Go to "Appearance" and "Themes"

Step 3

Find the theme you have installed under the manage themes tab  (actually you'll probably see your theme before you see the tab).   Click on "Widgets"

Step 4

Look in the "Available Widgets" section and find the one that says "Pages"

Got it?  OK, now click on the "Pages" widget and drag it out of the available widgets section and put it where you want in your theme (ie sidebar one, sidebar two, etc)

Step 5

Now if you look at your site you'll see your page. If you aren't seeing it, just refresh the screen and it should appear.

I hope that helps!



PSD Locked / Mail Machine - Maybe Server Phone Issue? Fix Here

Are you having trouble clearing a PSD locked message on your mail machine?  There is a solution to removing the PSD locked by clicking this link.

That solution does not work 100% of the time though and I'll admit, I'm just talking about my limited experience with this happening with one of our machines.

Every so many days an electronic postal audit automatically occurs where your machine and the server try to connect.  If they can not connect, then the postal audit can not complete and your machine gets locked.  I suspect this is for some sort of security reason but I'm not sure.

If the above link I gave you does not work, and I highly, highly, highly, suggest you try that first, the the next solution might fix your problem.

I'll warn you, this solution only works a very small percentage of the time and you'll need to contact your mail machine equipment provider / supplier first for some information but let's try it.

Each machine is different as well so this might not work for you step by step but should be close.

This solution to PSD locked presumes or suspects that your machine is connecting to a wrong number or a number connecting to a server that has changed.  It also presumes you are using a machine connected via analog phone line versus the more popular and probably better LAN connection.

So if you are daring, have an analog phone connection and you feel the number is wrong (I'll show you how to check that) keep reading.  Don't blame me if this doesn't work though its worth a try.  All advise here I emphasis you should check with your equipment provider first. I'm not a pro at this, I'm just experienced with this specific problem. Rest is at your own risk :-)

Step 1

Again, make sure you've tried the link I gave you above. If that doesn't work.....

Contact the manufacturer or supplier of your postal equipment. Find out what the proper server number (phone number) is that connects your equipment to the US Post office site.

Step 2

While on the phone with these guys, get the code you will need to do this process.  Heck, while you have them on the phone, make sure this whole process I'm giving you now sounds right to them. Each problem is unique and this only solves certain issues.

Step 3

When you get off the phone with them, hang up, then dial the number they give you. It should respond with a fax machine sound. If you aren't hearing this, there is something wrong with the number. Stop everything and call them back and tell them what you heard.

Step 4

Go to your mail machine / meter.  Press the "Menu" button

Step 5

Go into Supervisor mode (on my equipment this is #13)

Step 6

Enter code that they gave you on the phone

Step 7

Postal access press OK

Step 8

You'll have a choice between modem or LAN option. If you are using an analog phone line select modem option  (LAN is for Internet connection)

Step 9

When in the modem settings you should see the phone number the machine is trying to connect to. Couple thoughts on this

a) Try calling it on a phone for the heck of it to see if it is responding with that "fax" sound. If so, the line is good.  If it is the same number the supplier gave you, there is nothing to change. This troubleshooting method won't work.

If it is different......

b) Go ahead and overwrite this number and make it the new number for the equipment

Enter the number and try again. You might need to unlock the equipment using the link I provided above or just start it up and go.

Again.... this won't work for everyone. It is for a very specific problem. Ultimately it is up to you to try this or not.  Just remember what you did or else you'll risk a service call which can be costly if the tech has to sit there an determine what you did the equipment.

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Is Your Android Cell Phone Time Not Right After Daylight Savings? Fix Here


Fix Android Phone Showing Different Times After Daylight Savings

I woke up on day to find that my Android powered cell phone was showing two different times.  Each time shown on the clocks on my phone was exactly one hour apart.  Why where there two different times on my phone and how do I fix this?

Well, I figured out why the times did not match up on my Android wireless phone (LG Lucid cell phone to be exact).  I forgot all about daylight savings time.  This happened during the fall (ie fall behind ) when the clocks rolled back one hour in certain states / time zones. 

So I know that whole fall behind-thing was suspect (and my guess is that the spring ahead change could cause my phone's clocks to not be in sync as well) so how do I fix it.  How do I adjust the time on my phone so that they both read the same time?  After all, isn't the phone network (Verizon in my case) supposed to do this for me?

The answer is easy enough. To fix this you will want to restart your cell phone.  You won't have to completely power down your cell phone, just a simple restart will do it.  Either way though, it will fix the time so that all your clocks read the same times.

If you have an LG Lucid and you are not sure how to restart, I wrote and article that will teach you how to do this. Here's the link:

Click Here to Learn How to Restart Lucid

Well, I hope that helps you to fix your Android phone showing different times.



Best USFL Football Coach Ever

The United States Football League produced a lot of great talent and some pretty good football games for its short life span from the 1983 season to the 1985 season. After the league disbanded, some USFL players and coaches continued to have very successful careers in the National Football League.

As with any league there is a range of athletic and coaching talent. Some players and coaches become huge stars, others play out their contracts and are never heard from again.

Move File to Another Folder Without Dragging

If you want to move a file to a folder without dragging it all over your PC screen, you have come to the right place. Dragging  is great when the file and folder are close in proximity to each other but if both are far apart or even in different drives, there is a much easier way to do this.

This article focuses on transferring files using Windows 7 though it might work on other versions.

Step 1

Navigate to the file or folder that you want to move but do not open it up.

Step 2

Left click once on the folder (again you don't want to open it). Right clicking works too but I prefer left clicking as you avoid an unnecessary menu. Try both ways and you'll see what I mean or just left click on it once.

Step 3

Look to the upper left side of the window that you have open (containing your files and folders). Find where it says "File and Folder Tasks"

Step 4

Below "File and Folder Tasks" you'll see a bunch of commands such as "Rename this...." "Move This...." "Copy This..." etc. If you are not seeing this, click the arrow button next to "File and Folder Tasks" and they'll appear.

Step 5

Choose "Move This....." (depending if you have clicked on a file or folder is will say "Move This File" or "Move This Folder"

Step 6

A "Move Items" window will open up. From here, navigate to the file or folder you want to move to and click the "Move" button. Your folder or file will move to that folder.

Hint: You can move multiple files or folders to the same folder by clicking / highlighting multiple ones while pressing the control button.

Thanks For Reading.... Another Great (I hope :-) Post Below

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How to Safely Remove SD Card From LG Lucid Cell Phone

On the LG Lucid Cell phone you can install an external memory Sandisk ( SD ) card into the side of the cell phone. This will free up your wireless phone's internal 'stock' memory and allow you to store more data and transfer it to other devices.

If you remove ( ie dismount ) your SD card without putting the phone into a sort of 'safe' mode, you run the risk of corrupting the card. It could damage the card or erase everything you put on it.

To avoid corrupting anything, there are a few steps you can do will allow you to safely remove your memory card worry-free.

Step 1 - Go to the Home Screen of Your Cell Phone

Open up the home screen of your cell phone. You might be able to get there automatically when you turn your phone on, or if you aren't sure, press the little house button at the bottom of the LG Lucid phone.

Step 2 - Press the Menu Key

While in your home screen, open up the menu command. Do this by pushing that button with the square on it, down at the bottom of your cell phone.

Step 3 - Settings Icon

When the menu opens up, press the settings Icon. It will say "settings" and have a gear / sprocket icon.

Step 4 - Storage Icon

Scroll down the scree until you see the "storage" icon / button. Press it.

Step 5 - Unmount SD Card

In the next screen that appears, look for a button that says "Unmount SD Card - Unmount SD Card so you can safely remove it" Press it

Your Done!

You can now safely unmount your card from your smartphone

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Best USFL Football Team Ever

For the purpose of this article I am strictly referring to the United States Football League (USFL) that existed for three seasons during the 1980's. If you were a sports fan from 1983-1985 you probably remember the USFL pretty well. It was one of the few professional football leagues besides the NFL that rose to some degree of prominence and respectability.

The USFL of course went out of business after a more or less failed attempt to collect anti-trust damages from the NFL but that doesn't mean that they did not create a legacy during their brief existence. There were plenty of incredible USFL teams out there. The New Jersey Generals were loaded with the talents of Doug Flutie and Hershel Walker in addition to plenty of other great players. They never made it to the USFL championship game but they were a force on the field.

The Michigan Panthers won the first USFL championship trophy but soon went out of business. The Arizona Wranglers and Oakland Invaders also had some great post-season moments.

With all that in mind, who was the best USFL team? Which team was the greatest USFL team ever? I have some thoughts and I suspect a lot of fans of the former league would feel the same way.

The Philadelphia / Baltimore Stars were the best United States Football League team ever. Why do I say that? We'll I generally love Philadelphia sports teams in general but that isn't the only reason or even the most important. The Stars existed in all three USFL seasons. During those seasons they had great, great success during the playoff season. They never lost one single playoff game and were a highly respected team around the league.

During the USFL's three seasons of play, the Stars played in all three Championship games. They lost the first game to the Michigan Panthers and then won the next two to the Arizona Wranglers and the Oakland Invaders. Few teams in any professional sports make it to three title games in a row and perhaps the Stars would have been a USFL dynasty with more consecutive titles if the league had existed past the 1985 season.

The Stars also left an NFL legacy. Head Coach Jim Mora went on to a respected NFL career as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. Stars, star running back Kelvin Bryant played in the NFL as well as punter Shawn Landetta and linebacker Sam Mills. I'm sure I'm missing some other players and front office staff that graduated to the National Football League.

The Philadelphia / Baltimore Stars were the best USFL team ever. Their record book and legacy proves. it. What are your thoughts? Did you have a favorite United States Football League team? Let us know you thoughts. Would love to hear them.


Eagles Fire Juan Castillo Defensive Coach 2012

The news is out. The Eagles have fired defensive coach Juan Castillo today, October 16, 2012. I heard this reported today on Philly sports talk radio station WIP / WYSP

As of today's date the Juan Castillo's replacement will be Todd Bowles. Bowles was the defensive secondary coach for the Eagles.

Castillo was a offensive line coach until head coach Andy Reid decided to move him to defensive coordinator. Moving Castillo from offense to defense was full of controversy. Coach Reid was derided for putting what seemed to be an inexperienced person into a major NFL defensive role. At times Castillo seemed to struggle in press conferences on in on field decision making regarding the defense. Since day one as defensive coordinator, Castillo's performance was heavily scrutinized. It was said that to make up for his lack of experience, Castillo was working long, long nights and days putting together on the field defensive schemes and preparing for game day.

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What are my thoughts? I think Reid had to finally do something to begin to shake up the Eagles 2012 season. Some early disappointing losses in the 2012 season likely put Reid's job in jeopardy and he had to make a move that I suspect also involved input from Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie.

Philadelphia fans should be relieved to have an NFL coach with experience on the defense. Some might argue that the Eagles secondary hasn't been living up to it's potential and that Eagles former secondary coach Todd Bowles might be a controversial decision as well. Overall, I think the team is due for a change and this is a move in the right direction.

On a side note, given Andy Reid's loyalty to his staff and his occasional stubbornness, the firing of Juan Castillo was very unexpected. I figured Castillo would be demoted and eventually buried, but employed, within the Eagles organization.

What do you think about the removal of Castillo? What do you think about the Eagles performance in general in 2012? Feel free to comment in the comment space below. Your thoughts are valued very much here.
The rest of this article I admit consists of links to great NFL shirts for women.  The two posts below focus on the Texans and the Ravens but if you are interested in seeing other ladies National Football League tops from around the league, the posts linked below will also offer you that too. 

There are also some great, interactive (free) football videos on each post as well as some really fun polls to take.  If you don't click below, I'm perfectly fine with that and just thrilled you stopped by. Feel free to leave comments related to the Eagles or pro football in general.  Thanks!

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Where Do The Eagles Play? Lincoln Financial Field Review

Where Do The Eagles Play? Lincoln Financial Field Review

Each NFL team in the league plays its games in massive stadiums that hold thousands of fans, security, food staff, drink staff, coaches, players, maintenance, and a variety of other people that make a National Football League great.

There are many stadiums throughout the league and some are better than others. For those who grew up in the Philadelphia area you probably remember when JFK stadium and Veterans stadium were around. You probably think of them with some fond nostalgia but you probably don't miss them either. Catch a college game and JFK and you were a million miles from the field. It was a giant park with seating tiered so far away that you couldn't see much of anything if you got tickets far back from the action.

Veterans Stadium wasn't much better. I know that players and staff don't miss it. The astro turf was brutal as was the seating. "The Vet" , was designed to be a multipurpose stadium when it opened in the 70's. It was meant to showcase baseball games,football games, concerts and whatever else sport or event came along. The result was that no event was ideal to see in Veterans Stadium. The design of the facility tried to accomplish too much and as a result, accomplished little.

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If you experienced the Vet and Haven't been to Lincoln Financial Field you are in for a treat. It is a terrific place to show case Philadelphia Eagles football at its best. There really is no bad seat in the place. Compared to The Vet, the games feel tight and intimate. This, of course, can be a problem if you are around unruly fans, which can happen in Philly. It is a tough town and their fans are even tougher. This stadium brings all that element closer together but as I say, take things with a grain of salt, be kind and all should be good... with some luck :-)

The field has come a long way too. No more astro turf. I can't say I've maintained any statistical record of this but I feel as though players suffer far less turf-related injuries at Lincoln Financial field (ie "The Linc") For this reason, I have to love this place even more. Football is a brutal game. No use making it worse with shoddy fields where guys can get hurt.

Getting to the Linc is real easy. Access from I 95 and 76 (ie the dreaded Schuylkill expressway :-) is pretty simple as far as directions go. Tons of traffic can does cause some delay while waiting to pay for parking, which is quite expensive so make sure you remember to bring extra loot for parking ( a cost I always seem to forget about until I get there ).

Parking is set up pretty well and you can usually get a spot within reasonable distance to the field. Keep in mind though there are tons of tailgaters out there partying it up in the lot so they might have spots claimed early.

So.... Where do the Eagles Play? That is, I should say...... Where do the Philadelphia Eagles Play? At Lincoln Financial Park in South Philadelphia.

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Transfer Photos from LG Lucid Cell Phone to SD Sandisk Card

Is it Possible to Move Pictures Directly to SD Card From LG Lucid Phone?
I've been taking a lot of photos and videos lately on my LG Lucid smart phone and finally decided to move them from my phone to the Sandisk card that I inserted into the side of the phone.

On my old cell phone I would simply insert the SD card into the side of the phone, navigate to the pictures I wanted to transfer to the card, bring up the menu and select the "move" option that would then give me the option to move "to card" Then the pictures would copy from the phone onto the card. Pretty easy right? Should work the same on the LG Fusion right? Wrong.

It doesn't work the same on the Fusion, actually it doesn't work at all. That is, if you took pictures without your external memory card inserted into the phone, there appears to be no way to move these pictures from the phones 'stock' memory card to the external SD card you plugged in.

Verizon Wireless Could Not Answer How to Copy Pics from Phone to Card

There is no way I could believe that pics can not be transferred to the card. After all, you can plug your own memory card into the phone, so you should be able to move the pictures right?

I contacted Verizon Wireless support via email to hear their thoughts. Basically the only advice they could offer was to have me move the pictures to my computer, then to the memory card.    Their advice wasn't very helpful. I found the instructions to be difficult to follow and not very thorough. I could have used more detailed information on a lot of the steps they gave me. Plus, my purpose of transferring to memory card is so that I can eventually move to PC, not vice versa.

I Visited a Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Store

OK, I still didn't believe that it was impossible to move photos from cell phone memory to SD card so I went straight to a Verizon wireless store, waited the obligatory hour to be served and asked the customer service person what I should do.

The initial reaction of both guys in the store was that this should be simple to do. As they started to try this on my smart phone they too were in the some, complete disbelief as I was...... it can not be done. One of the guys went into the back to do some research, check manuals, etc but he could not find a way to copy pics to my card.

OK, So is there Another Way to Move Pics to Card to PC ?

Yes, sort of. I figured two options out,not exactly the solution I was looking for, but it seemed to work.

Fix Number One - Store Pictures Directly on Card

Instead of having your phone store the pictures on its internal memory, have your phone store pics directly on the memory card that you insert into the side of the phone. All you need to do it keep your external SD card inserted in your phone before you take any pictures or videos. They will store directly onto the card you inserted. When you are ready, you can remove the card and move right onto your PC. I keep my SD card inserted all the time know so I can do this easily.

Fix Number Two - Move Pictures Directly to Computer Using Charger

If your entire goal is to move pictures from phone to your computer you can skip worrying about a lot of fancy maneuvers with your SD card. What you can do instead is take some pictures and then plug your phone right into your PC using your charger. You know the charger that came with your LG Lucid wireless phone? If you look at the plug (the part you put into an outlet) on your charger, you'll see there is a USB connector integrated into the plug. The other end of the cable, plugs into your phone. Wait a few seconds and you computer will prompt you to transfer images to your PC.

The only problem I had with this, and you might have the fix to this, is that I was unable to selectively move pics from my phone to my PC. It moved all of them. I had pictures on my Lucid load onto my PC that I wasn't even aware I had. I basically opened the folder on my PC and deleted what I didn't want. 

If you have a better way of doing this, feel free to comment. Would love to hear it. Again, this worked great, its just that I got a bit more images than I bargained for.

I hope that helped you to Transfer Photos from LG Lucid Cell Phone to SD Sandisk Card.

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Fix Skype Microphone Not Working on PC So People Can Hear Me

So you can hear others when you skype but they can't hear you? Sounds like there is a problem with your microphone when you skype.  When you speak on Skype the person across from you should be able to hear you (even if the sound isn't all that clear sometimes).


Change or Mute Camera Shutter Noise on LG Fusion Cell Phone

If you get tired of hearing the same old noise that your LG fusion cell phone makes when you take a picture you have found the right post to change that sound.  Your LG fusion default camera application allows you to choose from a few different shutter sound tones. This post will teach you how to do it. It’s pretty easy.

 You can also mute the LG cell phone camera noise. A lot of people struggle with disabling the noise the camera makes when taking a picture. It is easy to do but not easy to figure out at first.

Let’s look at changing the tone of your camera shutter first.

This explanation will have you hearing a different sound next time you take a picture for sure.

To Change Sound When Taking Pictures  

Step 1
Put your LG Fusion phone into camera mode by pressing the camera icon on your home screen  

Step 2
When in camera mode, look for the gear / sprocket icon that is on the touch screen. On my phone it is on the upper left side. Press this icon  

Step 3
A menu will appear. It will have various options such as timer, screen mode, effects, white balance, etc. Look for “Shutter Sound” You might have to scroll down by swiping the touch screen if you don’t see it.  

Step 4
Several different tones will appear on this screen. Sample them and select by touching the tone of your choice.  

How to Mute the Camera Noise When Taking Pictures

If you don’t want to hear any noise when taking pictures on your LG Fusion Phone, you’ll need to try a different process. This, unfortunately, is not very intuitive to do but once you figure it out it is super easy.  It is odd but when shooting photos the LG fusion phone won’t let you mute the camera sound while in camera-mode. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I wrote a separate post that will teach you how to disable the LG camera picture sound. Check it out.


Compacting Regaining Memory After Deleting On Lotus

OK, you are working on Lotus Notes and your email memory is completely full. That is, if you don't start deleting emails you won't be able to save sent mail, store new appointments, etc.  You delete enough email so that you are that you are now below the maximum mb / gb threshold (learn to tell how many more emails you need to delete here) but you still can't save anything.

This post will teach you how to compact and regain memory after deleting on Lotus Notes.  If you don't have the rights to do this assigned to you by your IT department you won't be able to do this.  That said, these steps will show you what to do and, in addition, help you determine if you have rights to file compacting or not.

Step 1
Click on FILE in the top left corner of Lotus Notes. The drop down menu will then be visible
Step 2
In the drop down menu, put your cursor over the word DATABASE. To the right a menu will appear.
Step 3
Click on the word PROPERTIES on this menu
Step 4
A “Database” window will pop up. You’ll see a row of little tabs. Click on the lower case “i”tab
Step 5
Just under the “i” tab, you’ll see“Disk space” . Just under “Disk Space” you’ll see “Documents” Do you see it?
Step 6
Next to “Documents” you’ll see a “Compact”button. Click that button. If your button is not visible or if it is and cannot be clicked then you need to contact your IT help desk. As mentioned above, you might not be allowed to compact your own mail depending on your IT department's computer policies.

I hope that helped you with Compacting Regaining Memory After Deleting On Lotus

Here's post that is directly related to this article. You should read it before you are all set to leave on vacation. It explains why you might not be able to turn on your vacation message on Lotus Notes (click here).  Don 't wait until you are ready to escape the office and find out you can't because Lotus isn't setting your away message up. You can fix it yourself no problem.


How to Change Passworld on MLB.TV

Changing or updating your password on MLB.TV won't be something you have to do everyday but every so often it helps to change your log in information.  You might update your login for security purposes or simply to make your passcode more easy to remember.

Steps to editing your Major League Baseball television login password is as follows:

Step 1

After you log in click "My MLB.TV" at the top of the page

Step 2

Click "Profile" in the options that drop down

Step 3

Under "Account Information" you'll see the word "Password"   Click "Change"

Step 4

Go ahead and change your password and save changes.

That's it!  I hoped that helped you learn How to Change Passworld on MLB.TV.  Please check out some of my other posts here on TurtleDogs Blog.

Want More Baseball info?  What positions in baseball tend to have the best slugging percentage?  Which MLB positions have the worst slugging stats.  This article ranks slugging statistics by position, check it out.


How to Delete Remove Icons on Cell Phone - LG Lucid Andriod

Deleting icons off your smartphone touch screen is easy to do. This post will show you how to remove any unwanted icon easy.

I use an LG Lucid Smartphone that is powered by Android so this post best suits that cell phone. That said, I'm sure you can use this information for many other phones as well.

I first started deleting icons when I noticed I was getting a ton of spam ads in the form of icons.  Turns out certain apps use certain adware to put unwanted ads on your phone as icon ads.  I wrote an article on how to stop unwanted ads on your cell phone if you want to learn more.

Removing these icons manually is easy to do and I'll show you how in the following steps:

Step 1

Power up you wireless phone of course and navigate so that the unwanted icons appear on your touch screen.

Step 2

Press and hold down the icon for a second or two.  On my phone it will vibrate a bit and then you'll see a trash can appear. My trash can appears at the bottom of the screen.  Keep holding down the unwanted icon.

Step 3

Drag the icon down into the trash can.  It should disappear from your cell phone screen.

That's it! You are done.  You've eliminated the icon you no longer want and have freed up some extra space on your touchscreen.

I hope that helps.

Deleting Entire Apps From Your Cell Phone

Have an app you no longer want around any more. If you want to remove an entire application from your cell phone you will need to uninstall it. This will remove the entire app as well as the icon. I wrote a post on uninstalling apps here. Check it out.

Be sure to check out some of my other posts. Thanks for stopping by! Hope I helped teach you how to delete remove icons on cell phone !

Are you getting a bunch of icons on your smartphone that are spammy and unwanted. I wrote a post on how to keep spam icons off your smartphone (click here). Check it out.


How to Tell How Much More Lotus Notes Email Memory to Delete

Once you start getting that memory warning message on Lotus Notes mail you will want to start deleting as many pesky emails as possible starting with the mail / files that take up the most gbs. You need to do this until you are under the memory threshold again. If you don’t, you won’t be able to save ‘sent’ emails, update your calendar, enable / disable features etc. on Lotus Notes.

The question that comes up of course is how many emails exactly do I need to delete? Or, put another way, how many GBs do I need to recover on Lotus so that I can start saving mail and using features again? 

Checking to see how much more memory you need to recover is easy to do but it isn’t very intuitive. You might not be able to find it on your own. I can show you how to figure this out here. 

I did notice that this did not work quite as smoothly when I migrated to Lotus Notes 8.5. Scroll down further if you don't find what you are looking for here:

Step 1
Go to FILE in the upper left corner of Lotus. A drop down menu will appear. 

Step 2
In the drop down menu, hover your cursor over DATABASE. When you do this a side menu will appear to the right.  

Step 3
Click on PROPERTIES on the side menu