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Schuylkill River Fishing and Free Animal Zoo in Royersford, PA

If you are looking for a quick free zoo trip in Montgomery County there is a cool place to go that won't cost you any money. I must be honest, technically it isn't a zoo either but there are plenty of animals held captive at their nature center to make for a fun, quick and cheap trip right in Montgomery County, PA.

Royersford is an area with things to do near Norristown and the surrounding region. They have a place were you can see wolves, foxes, all kinds of hawks, a donkey, goats, turkeys and more all for no price at all.

This is also a rather nice looking fishing spot along the Schuylkill Rivers well. The river is just behind this place and they welcome fisherman to come and fish the day away (PA fishing rules apply of course).

If you are interested in learning more about this great place for casting out your line or learning about indigenous animals of Pennsylvania, check out the post I have linked below.

Click Here for Schuylkill River Fishing and Free Animal Zoo in Royersford, PA

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Check it out sometime.  I'd love it if you stopped by.

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