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How to Save Text Pictures Sent to You on LG Lucid Phone

If you are wondering how do I save a photo that was sent to me by someone via text message on my LG Lucid phone you are asking a great question.

A friend of mine sent a text to me that contained a picture.  I wanted to save the picture and either save it on my computer's hard drive or just send it directly to Facebook.

On the LG lucid wireless phone you can take pictures that are saved to your cell phone and share them to various social networking sites, as well as email then, put them on your computer, etc.  It is somewhat easy to do when the picture is already saved to your phone, in other words, when you touch the camera icon you can readily find the picture saved in that part of your phone.  Not sure if I'm saying all that right but hopefully you get the meaning.

The more difficult challenge is when you don't have that picture in the photo file that you access via the camera icon but instead have the picture sitting on some random text message that a somebody sent you.

At first I tried opening the text message and pressing the photo so that it enlarges and then attempting to access it via the menu command (which doesn't seem to work with the picture open) or touching one of the icons on top of the photo, which basically only allow you to save to wallpaper.

So with that all said, how exactly do you save photos that are texted to you on this phone?

I'm sure there are better explanations but this is the only way I've figured out so far.  It doesn't always feel like the most efficient thing to do depending on what you are trying to accomplish (Google Plus, Facebook upload or email, etc)

Here's what works for me:

Step 1

Press the text message "Messaging" Icon so that you are looking at all the people's names who have sent you text messages

Step 2

Then find the person's name that send you the text message and press their name so that all their texts from them and you are appearing on your screen.

Step 3

After that chronological list appears of all the texts press that little square menu button in the lower left corner of your LG Lucid Smart Phone.  The menu should pop up

Step 4

When the menu appears, press "Forward"  Don't worry about selecting a specific text or anything, just press "Forward"

Step 5

The top of your screen should say "Select Message to Send"  Select the text with the photo of the message you wish to send.

Step 6

See the "To" box that appears on the top of your screen?  Yes? Now as you do this just keep trusting me here as at first you won't think you are doing this right.  Touch the "To" box so the cursor is inside it then start to type in your own email address.  As you type the letters it will look like the phone is about to dial a phone number. It won't. Enter your full email address including the "@" ".com" etc etc

Step 7

Then go ahead and hit the "Send" button.  Give it a bit and the photo will appear on your email.  From there I usually go to my PC and then extract it (ie save it, forward it, send it, whatever it is I want to do)


I find it hard to believe this is the only way to do this but this is what I do in the meantime until I figure something out.  Hope it works for you aOK.

Want to Move Pics from Lucid Smartphone to Your PC?  This gets a little cumbersome too.  I'm not talking about pictures that were sent to you via text messaging, I'm just talking pictures taken by your phone and are "on" your cell phone camera, so to speak.  This article will show you how to move pictures from cell phone.  Click the link above and you'll be taken there in a flash :-)

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  1. Click picture, and click again and save to internal storage. It will show up in Gallery.