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Transfer Photos from LG Lucid Cell Phone to SD Sandisk Card

Is it Possible to Move Pictures Directly to SD Card From LG Lucid Phone?
I've been taking a lot of photos and videos lately on my LG Lucid smart phone and finally decided to move them from my phone to the Sandisk card that I inserted into the side of the phone.

On my old cell phone I would simply insert the SD card into the side of the phone, navigate to the pictures I wanted to transfer to the card, bring up the menu and select the "move" option that would then give me the option to move "to card" Then the pictures would copy from the phone onto the card. Pretty easy right? Should work the same on the LG Fusion right? Wrong.

It doesn't work the same on the Fusion, actually it doesn't work at all. That is, if you took pictures without your external memory card inserted into the phone, there appears to be no way to move these pictures from the phones 'stock' memory card to the external SD card you plugged in.

Verizon Wireless Could Not Answer How to Copy Pics from Phone to Card

There is no way I could believe that pics can not be transferred to the card. After all, you can plug your own memory card into the phone, so you should be able to move the pictures right?

I contacted Verizon Wireless support via email to hear their thoughts. Basically the only advice they could offer was to have me move the pictures to my computer, then to the memory card.    Their advice wasn't very helpful. I found the instructions to be difficult to follow and not very thorough. I could have used more detailed information on a lot of the steps they gave me. Plus, my purpose of transferring to memory card is so that I can eventually move to PC, not vice versa.

I Visited a Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Store

OK, I still didn't believe that it was impossible to move photos from cell phone memory to SD card so I went straight to a Verizon wireless store, waited the obligatory hour to be served and asked the customer service person what I should do.

The initial reaction of both guys in the store was that this should be simple to do. As they started to try this on my smart phone they too were in the some, complete disbelief as I was...... it can not be done. One of the guys went into the back to do some research, check manuals, etc but he could not find a way to copy pics to my card.

OK, So is there Another Way to Move Pics to Card to PC ?

Yes, sort of. I figured two options out,not exactly the solution I was looking for, but it seemed to work.

Fix Number One - Store Pictures Directly on Card

Instead of having your phone store the pictures on its internal memory, have your phone store pics directly on the memory card that you insert into the side of the phone. All you need to do it keep your external SD card inserted in your phone before you take any pictures or videos. They will store directly onto the card you inserted. When you are ready, you can remove the card and move right onto your PC. I keep my SD card inserted all the time know so I can do this easily.

Fix Number Two - Move Pictures Directly to Computer Using Charger

If your entire goal is to move pictures from phone to your computer you can skip worrying about a lot of fancy maneuvers with your SD card. What you can do instead is take some pictures and then plug your phone right into your PC using your charger. You know the charger that came with your LG Lucid wireless phone? If you look at the plug (the part you put into an outlet) on your charger, you'll see there is a USB connector integrated into the plug. The other end of the cable, plugs into your phone. Wait a few seconds and you computer will prompt you to transfer images to your PC.

The only problem I had with this, and you might have the fix to this, is that I was unable to selectively move pics from my phone to my PC. It moved all of them. I had pictures on my Lucid load onto my PC that I wasn't even aware I had. I basically opened the folder on my PC and deleted what I didn't want. 

If you have a better way of doing this, feel free to comment. Would love to hear it. Again, this worked great, its just that I got a bit more images than I bargained for.

I hope that helped you to Transfer Photos from LG Lucid Cell Phone to SD Sandisk Card.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Indeed, it's difficult to believe you can't transfer from phone to card using the phone. Dumb. I was forced to look into using a card because for some odd reason multiple computers will no longer recognize my phone as an external mass storage device. I'm using Windows Vista and when I plug the phone in I have the option of clicking on either unspecified external drive E: or F: but neither one works. It tells me to insert a device into either of these drives. When I disconnect the phone, both of those "ghost" drive options disappear. It used to work just fine but all of a sudden, no go. I know my phone is in mass storage mode, I've tried restarting both phone and computer in several different ways, I've updated drivers. Nothing. Which is why I've been forced to go the card route. And now even that's a hassle. Dumb. Ridiculously frustrating.

  2. Thanks for the awesome, detailed comment. Yes, it is frustrating and it seems entirely too much trouble especially considering there are other cell phone models out there that handles this so easily. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Thank You, We are dumping Verizon for Straight Talk and wanted to save our pictures first.