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Fix Skype Microphone Not Working on PC So People Can Hear Me

So you can hear others when you skype but they can't hear you? Sounds like there is a problem with your microphone when you skype.  When you speak on Skype the person across from you should be able to hear you (even if the sound isn't all that clear sometimes).

Not everyone will find this fix helpful. Every issue has it's own nuances but for me, this solution to microphone not working on Skype worked for me:

Go into Skype and click "Tools"

Then click "Options" in the drop down menu that appears.

The Skype Options window will open up.  It will likely open on the General Settings page by default. Click on "Audio Settings"    As of the date of this post "Audio Settings" is just under "General Settings" on the left side of the window

When you get into the audio settings look for the "microphone" section.  You might not be having the same problem but for some reason on my PC by default when I loaded Skype it was set to External Mic.   Since I don't have an external mic, the one I use is the Integrated mic, I switched to "Integrated Microphone Array (IDT High Definition)"

After that I did the Echo / Sound Test service and my voice worked just fine (before, the test would not playback my voice at all but now it does)

This might not be the solution for everyone. It might just be that I got lucky. I just had a gut feeling that my mic was integrated into my laptop PC and I certainly don't have an external mic that I bought plugged into the computer.  Switching the audio microphone setting was a no brainer.

Hopefully this works for you too!  Thanks for reading my "Fix Skype Microphone Not Working on PC So People Can Hear Me" post.

If you have a better fix or find something else that works for you, I'd love to hear about it in the comments!  Mic trouble when using Skype can vary depending on your circumstances.  The method of troubleshooting my mic issue above definitely made people able to hear me again so I hope it works for you.

Let me know how you make out.  It would be great to hear from you.

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