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Best USFL Football Coach Ever

The United States Football League produced a lot of great talent and some pretty good football games for its short life span from the 1983 season to the 1985 season. After the league disbanded, some USFL players and coaches continued to have very successful careers in the National Football League.

As with any league there is a range of athletic and coaching talent. Some players and coaches become huge stars, others play out their contracts and are never heard from again.

Who was the greatest coach during the USFL's 1983 to 1985 existence? We'll as with any great coach, it seems their win / loss record is very important, but even more so, whether they won a championship game or not.

In the NFL, there are many great coaches who never won a Super Bowl for example. Bud Grant, one of the greatest coaches of all time (Minnesota Vikings), never won a Super Bowl though he had a number of appearances. When you think of a coach like that, something in the back of your mind might think, "What a great leader, but he never won the big-one.

If I had to make a case for the best USFL coach ever, I'd have to consider who had a great win record as well as if they won the league title with their team. My thoughts on this would have to be Jim Mora as the best United States Football League coach ever. He was the coach of the Philadelphia Stars (who eventually became the Baltimore Stars during the final season). I'd base my 'Best Ever' coach in United States Football League on this criteria:

1. Jim Mora coached all three years of the leagues existence

2. He has one of the best win lost records with 41 wins and 12 losses. This amounts to an outstanding 70.7 % (.707) win percentage

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3. He took his team to the USFL championship all three years.

4. He won two out of three championships. Even more important in some ways, right or wrong, his only loss came during the first championship game. The last two games for the USFL title he won. It always leaves a better legacy to go out a winner than losing your last game.

Jim Mora was the best coach that league ever produced. What do you think?

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