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Fix Android Phone Showing Different Times After Daylight Savings

I woke up on day to find that my Android powered cell phone was showing two different times.  Each time shown on the clocks on my phone was exactly one hour apart.  Why where there two different times on my phone and how do I fix this?

Well, I figured out why the times did not match up on my Android wireless phone (LG Lucid cell phone to be exact).  I forgot all about daylight savings time.  This happened during the fall (ie fall behind ) when the clocks rolled back one hour in certain states / time zones. 

So I know that whole fall behind-thing was suspect (and my guess is that the spring ahead change could cause my phone's clocks to not be in sync as well) so how do I fix it.  How do I adjust the time on my phone so that they both read the same time?  After all, isn't the phone network (Verizon in my case) supposed to do this for me?

The answer is easy enough. To fix this you will want to restart your cell phone.  You won't have to completely power down your cell phone, just a simple restart will do it.  Either way though, it will fix the time so that all your clocks read the same times.

If you have an LG Lucid and you are not sure how to restart, I wrote and article that will teach you how to do this. Here's the link:

Click Here to Learn How to Restart Lucid

Well, I hope that helps you to fix your Android phone showing different times.


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