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Add Page or Pages To WordPress Theme

Creating a static page in WordPress is pretty easy to do.  Once you create a new page though, it won't just automatically add itself into your WordPress website theme. It isn't the same as when you publish a new post and it is instantly available for you readers to see on your theme. Even when you publish the page it won't appear by default on your webpage / theme.  

There are a couple real easy steps you'll need to take to get your new static page or pages onto your theme to that viewers can see it.

Here are a few easy steps after you have created your page.

Step 1

Go to your control panel on WordPress

Step 2

Go to "Appearance" and "Themes"

Step 3

Find the theme you have installed under the manage themes tab  (actually you'll probably see your theme before you see the tab).   Click on "Widgets"

Step 4

Look in the "Available Widgets" section and find the one that says "Pages"

Got it?  OK, now click on the "Pages" widget and drag it out of the available widgets section and put it where you want in your theme (ie sidebar one, sidebar two, etc)

Step 5

Now if you look at your site you'll see your page. If you aren't seeing it, just refresh the screen and it should appear.

I hope that helps!


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