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PSD Locked / Mail Machine - Maybe Server Phone Issue? Fix Here

Are you having trouble clearing a PSD locked message on your mail machine?  There is a solution to removing the PSD locked by clicking this link.

That solution does not work 100% of the time though and I'll admit, I'm just talking about my limited experience with this happening with one of our machines.

Every so many days an electronic postal audit automatically occurs where your machine and the server try to connect.  If they can not connect, then the postal audit can not complete and your machine gets locked.  I suspect this is for some sort of security reason but I'm not sure.

If the above link I gave you does not work, and I highly, highly, highly, suggest you try that first, the the next solution might fix your problem.

I'll warn you, this solution only works a very small percentage of the time and you'll need to contact your mail machine equipment provider / supplier first for some information but let's try it.

Each machine is different as well so this might not work for you step by step but should be close.

This solution to PSD locked presumes or suspects that your machine is connecting to a wrong number or a number connecting to a server that has changed.  It also presumes you are using a machine connected via analog phone line versus the more popular and probably better LAN connection.

So if you are daring, have an analog phone connection and you feel the number is wrong (I'll show you how to check that) keep reading.  Don't blame me if this doesn't work though its worth a try.  All advise here I emphasis you should check with your equipment provider first. I'm not a pro at this, I'm just experienced with this specific problem. Rest is at your own risk :-)

Step 1

Again, make sure you've tried the link I gave you above. If that doesn't work.....

Contact the manufacturer or supplier of your postal equipment. Find out what the proper server number (phone number) is that connects your equipment to the US Post office site.

Step 2

While on the phone with these guys, get the code you will need to do this process.  Heck, while you have them on the phone, make sure this whole process I'm giving you now sounds right to them. Each problem is unique and this only solves certain issues.

Step 3

When you get off the phone with them, hang up, then dial the number they give you. It should respond with a fax machine sound. If you aren't hearing this, there is something wrong with the number. Stop everything and call them back and tell them what you heard.

Step 4

Go to your mail machine / meter.  Press the "Menu" button

Step 5

Go into Supervisor mode (on my equipment this is #13)

Step 6

Enter code that they gave you on the phone

Step 7

Postal access press OK

Step 8

You'll have a choice between modem or LAN option. If you are using an analog phone line select modem option  (LAN is for Internet connection)

Step 9

When in the modem settings you should see the phone number the machine is trying to connect to. Couple thoughts on this

a) Try calling it on a phone for the heck of it to see if it is responding with that "fax" sound. If so, the line is good.  If it is the same number the supplier gave you, there is nothing to change. This troubleshooting method won't work.

If it is different......

b) Go ahead and overwrite this number and make it the new number for the equipment

Enter the number and try again. You might need to unlock the equipment using the link I provided above or just start it up and go.

Again.... this won't work for everyone. It is for a very specific problem. Ultimately it is up to you to try this or not.  Just remember what you did or else you'll risk a service call which can be costly if the tech has to sit there an determine what you did the equipment.

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