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How to Restart Lucid LG Wireless Cell Phone

Cell phones have really evolved over the years. Any more they resemble computers more than they do actual phones. Smart phones have memory, operating systems, processors, unlimited apps to download and a host of other things that you would already do on a Mac or PC.

Like any computer, it is good to restart the system once in a while when updates call for it or even just for a quick tune-up so to speak to get everything running sooth again.

Step 1

OK, that metal button on the upper right side of your phone is what we’ll use to restart this phone. It is that little metal button you typically when you go to ‘wake up’ the phone screen. To get the phone restarted, go ahead and push this button down and hold it.

Keep holding this button until “Phone Options” window appears on screen.
Step 2

Look down the phone options window. Just above the “Power Off” button is the “Restart” button. Go ahead and press the “Restart” button

Step 3

Another window will appear with Restart alert warning you that you are trying to have the phone shut down and turned back on again. Go ahead and press “OK” and your phone will restart.
That is about all you have to do. Now, if you want to save battery life and have your phone completely turned off, I wrote a post on how to shut down a Lucid cell phone.

How to Turn off Lucid LG Cell Phone

Turning off your Lucid LG cell phone is real easy to do. When I bought this wireless phone I struggled to figure out how to shut it off. It didn’t help that I lost my quick start owner’s manual for this phone either.
At first I thought I could just leave it run all the time but I soon realized that going to movies, business meetings, quiet time with friends and dozens of other reasons to power down my cell phone made it necessary for me to figure out how to shut off this phone.

Another great reason to power down your Lucid phone is because the batter life is really short compared to a lot of other phones.

Here’s a real easy, step by step guide to shutting down your LG Cell phone