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Add Comment Notes Directly on PDF - Adobe Acrobat Pro X

You can type comments directly on an Adobe PDF. A lot of people think of Adobe PDF's as permanent documents that can not be altered. In some ways, especially with "non" interactive Adobe forms, this is true. PDFs have limitations when editing. That said, you can put your own notes on a PDF.

You know those yellow post it notes that you stick on your refrigerator, desk, coffee table, dashboard on car, workbench, etc for little reminders? You can add comments the same way on Adobe Acrobat Pro X PDFs in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Why Adding adding Electronic Post it To PDF is Helpful

This feature is terrific for a lot of reasons. The reason I find most helpful is when sending and saving a PDF to another person. Communicating your thoughts on the subject matter of the PDF is easier if you just put this electronic comment post it right on it. You can put the comment on the PDF anywhere you want just like a real post it note. The receiver of the PDF 1) see your comment right on the PDF instead of referring to your email 2) See the area on the PDF where your comment pertains. For example, if you are talking about something say in the third paragraph on the PDF you can put the comment block ("post it") right near the 3rd paragraph.

How to Type Right on Pro X PDF

Strike Through Line on Text - Pro X Adobe Acrobat PDF

If you want to put a strike through line through text on an Adobe Acrobat Pro X PDF you created then you have come to the right place. A strike through line is a line that runs through text on your PDF. The text remains visible but it is clear that the text has been crossed out.

A lot of people don't realize they can manipulate the information inside a PDF but you can.

If you want to put a cross out line through your text on an PDF you created using Acrobat Pro X follow these step by step instructions. It is easy to do.

Step 1 - Open PDF

Open your Adobe Acrobat Pro X PDF as you normally would.


Change Online Dating Email on Match.Com

Match.Com is a super popular online dating site.  A lot of people look for love on Match on a long time and along the way they need to make changes to their personal account information.

All notifications from are available to come to your via email.  If someone is interested contacting you it will happen through email. If someone wants to wink at you on Match you have the option of getting winks email to you. If you want Match to recommend partners for you, you can get the recommendations through email.

Sounds like email is pretty important right? It is!  The last thing you want to do is forget to change your email on if you need to.

Changing your online dating e mail takes more steps that you think. Fortunately, this article will have you updating a new mail address in no time.

Step 1 - Log In

Log onto your account as you normally would.

Step 2 - Find "Account"

Look to the upper right corner of your screen and find the  word "Account"  Click on "Account"

Step 3 - Account Drop Down Choices

In the drop down box that appears click on "Settings"

Step 4 - Sign Up Information

Then looks for "Sign Up Information" 

"Sign Up Information" is toward the bottom of the screen (at least as of the date of this post).  Click it.

Step 5 - Re-Enter Your Password

Enter your password in the space provided. I know, you are already logged in but Match will ask you for your password again as an extra measure of security and privacy.

Step 6 - Sign Up Information Screen

In the sign up information screen, click the button that reads "Change Sign Up Info"

Step 7 - Change Your Email Address

A block will appear with all of your personal information. Look for the box that contains your email address. Go ahead and change your email address and click the "Continue" button

You're Done!

If everything has been done correctly the screen will read "You've updated your sign up information correctly"  Your email address is now changed on

I hope that helped.  Now comes the waiting game as you hope that someone special, that someone who pines away for your love, will send you a romantic (or at least really funny) email.

Good luck in your online dating search for love.

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Stop Facebook User From Sending App Invites For Applications

Invites to use applications on Facebook book can be annoying when over done. I don't use many apps and there are people I barely know (we all have FB friends like this) who send a trillion different app invites to me and they just pile up until I hit the "ignore" button.

One thing I have noticed is that the invites for these apps tend to come from the same people. How about you? Do you find that 80% of the application invites are created by only about 10% of the people sending them to you?  This is a good thing because it makes blocking application invites a lot easier.  You only have to stop a few people from sending these and it is easy to you.

This post will take you step by step through the process of preventing a Facebook user or users from sending you app invites.

Step 1 - Log into your Facebook account as you do every time you go on FB.

Stop Facebook User From Finding Seeing Your Profile Timeline

The vast social network out there is a great way to get your message out an update friends and family on your whereabouts and what you are up to.

There are some drawbacks of course and the biggest is when the wrong people are looking at your private information.

Maybe you have a boss on Facebook that you want to hide your personal profile / timeline from.  Maybe there are people out there you simply do not want to friend or have you ask to be their friend.

Regardless of your reasons, you are reading this post because you want to hide your Facebook profile / timeline from someone. You simply do not want to interact with this person and you want to prevent them from seeing you on Facebook.

Blocking friends and people in general from your Facebook profile / timeline is easy to do.

This article will take you through the easy step by step process of updating your Facebook settings to hide your profile.

I will warn you that as of the date of this article (2012), once you block someone you can not see their information either.  Neither you or the friend or user you have blocked will be able to see each others timelines / profiles and you won't be able to find each other on Facebook.

Step 1- Log into your Facebook account as you normally do everytime you visit FB.


Scan PDF Documents on Scanner on Adobe Acrobat Pro X

Our IT group decided to change things up a bit and replace our old version of Adobe Acrobat with
 Adobe Acrobat Pro X.  I use Adobe Acrobat Pro X for scanning documents into PDF files, editing them and sharing the PDF's.

Creating PDF files with a desktop scanner using Adobe Acrobat Pro X is just as easy to do as using earlier versions. There are some differences though.

This article will show you how to Scan documents into PDF files using desk top scanner and Adobe Acrobat Pro X.

Open Adobe Acrobat Pro X program as you normally would via start menu or clicking icon, etc etc

Place the documents that you wish to convert into a PDF into your document scanner paper chute.
In the upper left corner of the screen you'll see a "Create" drop down arrow. I have a picture above of what this looks like.

Click "Create" drop down arrow.

Position cursor over "PDF From Scanner" in the drop down menu that appears

A menu will appear to the side that looks just like the picture I posted to the left. Select the color  (autodetect, black and white, color, grayscale, etc) that best matches the PDF you wish to create.

The documents will scan.

You'll see the PDF image appear on your computer monitor.

From there you can save / print / send the document as you normally would.

There might be a bug in this program.  I've noticed this and other people on line have noticed this.  If you scan multiple documents you might find that a blank PDF page appears between each of your PDF documents.  There is a work around to this and I posted an article here on how to eliminate the empty pages between PDF's.

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Tools Missing on Blogger Tool Bar ?

If you begin to write a post on your Blogger blog and find that there are tools missing from the tool bar don't fret. You might be missing the text color, highlight colors, bullets, alignment etc. 

If you notice that a ton of those buttons are missing and only your bold, italic, abc with line throught it, etc you are simply on the wrong tab.

On Blogger, you can compose an article on the "compose" tab, which shows you the text as you see it here right now, or you can use the "Edit HTML" tab, which will show you everything in HTML code.  If you are missing much of the tools it is likely because you are in the "Edit HTML" mode instead of "Compose"

To fix this, simply look to the top right corner and click the "Compose" tab and all of the missing buttons will appear again.

Hope that helps!

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Review of Staples Advantage Service


Staples Advantage (formerly is a business to business office supply company that offers just about anything you can imagine for work. It differs from and Staples stores in that it is driven for the corporate customer and not the consumer.

For the record, I buy from Staples Advantage for my company. We are a significant customer in that we purchase thousands of dollars per month worth of office supplies. Who knows? Maybe smaller accounts get worse service? I'll at least give you my experience:


Delivery comes every day on a Staples truck. It is very reliable. Stock items show up within one day, two at the most. I work in a major metropolitan area so maybe our proximity to their warehouses are better than those is more remote areas. Delivery is important. Make sure you determine delivery costs if any (mine is free) and delivery times before signing your company up.

The Website

The Web site is very easy to use. I 'manage' the website internally here at work. You can make yourself the sole buyer for the account or, for more decentralized buying, you can set up multiple users. You can also control their spending limits, what department (accounting codes) they have rights to and you can cancel their buying privileges.

The site offers various reports that you can run to analyze your spend and your users. Check with Staples Link before signing up to see what reports will be available to you. While I like the idea of running reports, I don't run them very often. I think they come out with a little too much information and it never seems quite organized the way I want it. That said, I could probably remedy this through their technical support. I just haven't tried.

Technical Support and Customer Service

Both IT support on the site and customer service is very responsive though I rarely call. Most of the work I do is directly on their site. When I do make a call the issue is resolved 99% of the time during that same phone call.

Sales Representative

I'm not sure if all business advantage or national accounts qualify for a salesperson that gives your account personal attention. I've had decent success with our sales rep. Sometimes response time is slow (within a few days) but the sales rep is on the road a lot and travel and face to face meetings elsewhere may delay response time.
If you a person who needs most information on an urgent level, make this clear up front. Overall, I don't push the issue though. If I'm desperate I pester until I get an answer. If it can wait, I'll wait the few days or so.

Product Selection

Product selection is huge and I rarely find anything that is not in stock. Stationary, electronics, coffee, water,furniture, janitorial, very diverse product line.


Very competitive. I did another article on why prices are sometimes worse than and Staple stores. That said, my prices are good. My volume, as mentioned above, is there as well so perhaps I'm able to leverage product costs easier than smaller accounts. Then again, larger accounts might have better pricing that me :-)

You are more than welcome to negotiate with your sale rep. I am able to run a usage report on all the goods I buy from Staples (I often just ask our account representative to do this for me). Then I bring the rep in and we see if we can improve price on the top selling items.

Typically, we'll put the negotiated, top selling item price 'under contact'. 'Under Contract' is noted next to contract items on the website. This helps steer other buyers on your account toward the lowest negotiated cost items.


Invoicing and accounting documentation comes through very timely. Data is very detailed and well organized.

To Sum Up

Overall I like the StaplesLink / Staples Advantage experience. Good company.

To Be Fair

To be fair, I have not used other competition such as Office Max, etc. They might be really great and I'd highly suggest bringing in as much competition as possible before committing to an on line office supply service.

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Change Staples Advantage Approver

Depending on a  user’s profile settings they might need a certain supervisor / approver to approve their purchases all the time or approve when they try to buy something over their spending limits.
If the wrong person is approving your purchases you can ask your site administrator or whoever has rights to change your profile to modify who your supervisor is.  You might be able to do this yourself if your profile is set up to allow you to make changes to your own account.
If you are able to make these changes, or if you want to find out, try these steps:
Step 1
Log into your Stapleslink / Staples Advantage account
Step 2

See  “My Account” somewhere close to the top of the screen? Just put your cursor on top of it. Don’t click, just hover it over.

Step 3

Select (click) “Manage Users” in the drop down window that appears.

Step 4

Look for the  “Search for a User Profile” area and search for the person who wants their approver changed.

I think the best way is search for this person by their last name.
Step 5

In the field to the right you’ll see “Edit Profiles”   Highlight the person’s name who has the profile you want to modify.

Step 6

Click “Go” button

Step 7

Scroll down to the section called “Approval Requirements and Spending Limits”

Look for the section that says “Approver”

Step 8
Click the drop down arrow next to approver and find the right ‘approver’ and select them
If you are not seeing the name of the person you want to make the approver:
-They might not have an account set up.  Ask your site administrator if they can be set up
-The approver you are searching for might not be set up as a supervisor. Talk to your site administrator to set that user up as supervisor.

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Allow User to Delete on Staples Advantage Stapleslink

If you are given the rights to do so (typically your site admin that works within your company or your supervisor), you can modify a person’s profile on Staples Advantage (Stapleslink) so that they are given the rights to delete other user’s accounts.  

This is pretty easy to do if you are permitted to do so.  Here’s how:

Step 1

Go ahead and log into the Staples Advantage / StaplesLink website

Step 2

Find the “My Account” link around the top of your computer screen and position your cursor on it.

Step 3

You’ll see a bunch of options in a drop down menu, choose “Manage Users”

Step 4

Under the section “Search for a User Profile” find the name of the user you want to give deletion rights to.

I think it is easiest to search for their last name. In the choose “Last Name” in the “By Name or ID” section then go ahead and type their name in the field underneath.

Step 6

Click “Go” Button

Step 7

In the field to the right you’ll see “Edit Profiles”   Make sure the name of the person is in that field and then highlight it.  If their name is not appearing, they might not be set up on the account or you may have spelled the name wrong.

If you are not sure of the spelling, you can just type part of their name. You might get multiple results. If you do get more than one name, go ahead and highlight that name.

Step 8

Scroll down to the “User Administrator Roles” Section.  If you are not seeing this section, you might not have the rights to make these changes. If you are, keep reading.

Step 9

Here you have three choices.  Choose the one you want by clicking radio button

-Cannot create, modify or delete any users (select this and this person will not be able to make changes to others on this site)

-Can create, modify or delete only his or her own associates but cannot modify any of his or her own information (select this option and the person can delete that is assigned “associate’ under their account but they cannot modify their own info.  It is kind of like saying, yes the boss can change their employees but the boss can’t change his or her own info.)

-Can create, modify and delete all users. (Make changes to anyone)

Step 10

Choose either of the last two and will be able to delete profiles from Staples Advantage.  

Then click the “Save” button

Now that this user can delete another user, you'll need to explain to them just how to do it. Click Here to tell them how

That’s it!

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Delete User on Staples Advantage Stapleslink

Deleting users on Staples Advantage (formerly Stapleslink) website is pretty easy. In order to remove a user from your Staples Advantage account you need to have your profile set up so that you have the rights to delete another user’s account.  These rights are typically managed by whoever your company has assigned within your organization as site administrator.

Here are the steps to eliminating a person’s profile so they can no longer make purchases on this website under your account.

Step 1

Log into your Staples (Advantage) account as you normally would.

Step 2

Look for “My Account” somewhere at or near the top of your computer screen and hover the cursor over it.

Step 3

In the drop down choices that appear, select “Manage Users”

Step 4

Under the section “Search for a User Profile” search for the person you want to remove. I typically do this by searching for their last name (to do this be sure “Last Name” is selected in the “By Name or ID” field and then type all or part of the person’s last name in the field below)

Click “Go”

Step 5

Then look over to the right at the “Edit User Profile Field”  

-If you don’t see any name, you either typed their name wrong or they are not on the account.

-If you see multiple names be sure to highlight (click) on the name you want to delete

-If you only see one name, and it is the right one, it should already be highlighted (if not, highlight it by clicking on it)

Step  6

Hit the delete button and that person will be permanently removed from the account.

That's it!

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