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Change Staples Advantage Approver

Depending on a  user’s profile settings they might need a certain supervisor / approver to approve their purchases all the time or approve when they try to buy something over their spending limits.
If the wrong person is approving your purchases you can ask your site administrator or whoever has rights to change your profile to modify who your supervisor is.  You might be able to do this yourself if your profile is set up to allow you to make changes to your own account.
If you are able to make these changes, or if you want to find out, try these steps:
Step 1
Log into your Stapleslink / Staples Advantage account
Step 2

See  “My Account” somewhere close to the top of the screen? Just put your cursor on top of it. Don’t click, just hover it over.

Step 3

Select (click) “Manage Users” in the drop down window that appears.

Step 4

Look for the  “Search for a User Profile” area and search for the person who wants their approver changed.

I think the best way is search for this person by their last name.
Step 5

In the field to the right you’ll see “Edit Profiles”   Highlight the person’s name who has the profile you want to modify.

Step 6

Click “Go” button

Step 7

Scroll down to the section called “Approval Requirements and Spending Limits”

Look for the section that says “Approver”

Step 8
Click the drop down arrow next to approver and find the right ‘approver’ and select them
If you are not seeing the name of the person you want to make the approver:
-They might not have an account set up.  Ask your site administrator if they can be set up
-The approver you are searching for might not be set up as a supervisor. Talk to your site administrator to set that user up as supervisor.

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