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Staples Business Advantage and Staples Have Different Prices

Whether you are a professional purchasing agent buying corporate office supplies or you are buying office goods on your own you will notice from time to time that the same company might offer the same product at different prices.

For example, if I research items through Staples Business Advantage ( ) often their prices differ from other Staples sites.  This wouldn't concern me if Staples Business advantage was always cheaper.  The concern is that sometimes they are more expensive.

I contacted Staples on the issue of their price variance between identical products and wrote and article on the topic.  I wrote the article on HubPages and linked it below.  It should clear up any confusion you may have regarding the cost of various business supplies.

Staples Business Advantage and Staples Have Different Prices

Take a look at this article, especially if you buy these products often.  It will make you a more informed buyer and might help you to reduce the cost and overall spend on these goods.

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