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Why Radio Shack Cashier Line Sucks ?

Radio Shack is that venerable store where so many of us have purchased either their cheap store brand batteries or other assorted, low budget electronics parts over the years.

One thing I like about Radio Shack is that you can walk into their small stores, find what you want quickly and then get out quickly.  Isn't that what we all want. In and out. No fuss no muss.

The problem is, Radio Shack's own system prevents speedy service from actually happening and I think it all stems from the check out.

Typically, I find their stores to be woefully understaffed. As opposed to buying milk at grocery stores, electronics stores often have throngs of customers that need trouble shooting help or have questions about products. Every time I go into their stores, I find the well-intentioned clerk(s) overwhelmed with customers asking questions they really can't answer off the top of their head.  This is understandable. There are a wide array of electronics goods in the store and they can't be expected to know everything.  This slows the who purchasing process down, but what really drags things to a halt, is the check out.

Ever check out at a Radio Shack store?  Think about the one most annoying thing about the cashier line at Radio Shack .... got it yet?

Click below if you'd like.  I wrote an article on HubPages about their annoying check out line and why they slow down the entire Radio Shack experience by asking you personal questions.  Check it out.

Click Here to Learn Why Radio Shack Check out Sucks

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