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Does The Samsung Reality Cell Phone Take Good Pictures? Camera Review Here

I have a Samsung Reality Cell phone and, surprisingly, it takes really good pictures.  I had considered getting a different cell phone that had an 8 mega pixel camera but I elected to get the Samsung Reality phone that has around 3.2 mega pixels.

Initially I bought a memory card to transfer photos, then started using the camera for eBay posts.   I was pleasantly surprised at the results.  I am not a professional photographer but it didn't take me long to realize that there is no flash on this camera phone (which seems to be the norm these days).  That said there are a few different settings I can use for different light.

That said, I pretty much use the default setting for various pictures and it works really well. After I experimented with eBay photos I knew I would have even better luck taking other snapshots with my Samsung Reality cell phone camera. After all, and for those of you who post on eBay know, auction pictures are tough!   Typically taken indoors, the light is never quite right and it is difficult to capture fine details.  I knew once I took some pics not intended for auction, they would be a breeze.

I started taking some outdoor photos and really loved them. The Reality camera takes some really nice pics considering its modest mps.  If you want to see some photosCheck out The Pictures I took for this article - click here.

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