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Directions How to Get to The Walnut Street Theater Philadelphia.

Directions How to Get to The Walnut Street Theater Philadelphia.

I recently went to the Walnut Street Theater and was surprised that it was not up on the Avenue of the Arts (Broad Street and Walnut).  My guess is that there are other people out there that might be on the verge of making the same mistake so I thought I would hopefully save you a little trouble.

First, if you are driving to the Walnut Street Theater there is no use in me reinventing the wheel and explaining direction from all points east, west, north, and south of Philadelphia. The theater's web site will tell how to get there by car here:
Once you get in town you'll find the Walnut Street Theater to be located between 8th and 9th streets on Walnut Street.

 The theater is on the corner of 9th and Walnut, on the north side of Walnut.  If you are walking east toward the Delaware River, the theater is on your left between 8th and 9th.

If you are looking for land marks I've got one word for you, "Hospital"    This theater is directly across from Jefferson Hospital, which has a massive campus, and more specifically it is directly across from the Wills Eye Institute.

There is parking directly across the street but I heard some people complain about the $23 parking. I can't verify this but that sounds about right considering the parking lot's convenience to the hospital and the theater.

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