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Keep Labels From Falling Off Easy

Do your labels keep falling off? I recently saw a label coming unstuck to a package I wanted to mail.  I pushed the label down with my hand and tried to rub it back on but it kept popping back up.

The problem I was having was the age of my labels.  Some of the labels were over a year old and after a year's time certain adhesives can begin to lose their strength. They simply won't stick as well.

I was actually able to remedy all of these problems.  I started to purchase label protection sheets.  These are easy to use and cover up labels for better adhesion and protection.

I wrote an article on the topic.  If you want to learn more about label protection sheets please check out the article I have linked below.  

Labels Coming Off? Keep Them Stuck On Easy - Click Here

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I have had labels get rained on and smear a bit.  I have also seen them get dinged and scratched from handling.  Now some of them keep falling off.
The labels I was using are made from a standard adhesive.  Nothing special, but good enough for applying address labels to cardboard, Tyvex and paper packaging for postage.

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