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Why I Love Giving Gift Cards as Presents

Gift giving is a pain in the butt.  Christmas, birthdays, special events, special visits, all of these seem to warrant awarding someone sort of tangible gift.  Not that I have anything against gift giving.  I think gifts are part of most cultures and giving a gift provides a feel-good moment you don't experience everyday.

The hard part about giving presents is that I never know what to get people that have just about every toy under the sun.  Adults seem to especially fall into this category.  Some of us old folks just seem to have everything.  

What do you give these people?

You could give them something that is supposed to be humorous bu that can backfire. I'm not too big on novelty 'gag' gifts so I stay away from them in general. Sure they are funny at the time but you aren't actually giving anything, except a laugh or two. Then the gift becomes junk.

I love giving gift cards to adults. They are always well appreciated and takes the pressure off you finding that perfect gift.   The person you gave this present to can then buy whatever they want.    Even if they really don't care for the store they can re-gift the card as a present to someone else or sell it on an online auction.

I put together an article that expands on this topic and linked it below.  

Gift Card - A Great Gift

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