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Take Out USB Drive From Computer Does it Damage it?

If you want to take out the USB drive from your computer you can simply take it out. People do it all the time without any physical harm to the computer port or the drive itself.  I do not recommend simply taking it out though.  While it is true that I have pulled it out many times myself without incident, I have heard other horror stories of lost data.

Lost data seems to be by far the biggest complaint.   It seems as though it can take a while for your system to write data between then USB drive and your computer.  If you don't put it in the "safe" mode there is a chance that things haven't finished "writing" and you'll lose your saved information.

I wrote an article that will show you how to take out a USB drive from your computer.  I have linked it below.

Best Way to Take Out USB Drive from PC

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  1. Unplugging a USB device from a computer without safely removing it can cause hardware damage on the USB device. in many instances, this can cause data loss.

    PC technical support

  2. Thanks Jack for the great information! Good stuff on preventing damage to the hardware on the USB.