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This is What The Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia is Like

The Walnut Street Theater is a venerable Philadelphia institution. It has been in existence for 200 years. The Walnut Street Theater runs national, major, theatrical productions as well as smaller productions.

I have only visited the "Mainstage" which is their main stage for large productions. Their website claims it is a 1100 seat theater which looks about right to me.  There is also a smaller "Independence" theater for more intimate productions but I have not been there.

The Look
Three floors lead to the theater.  The interior of the theater does look a bit tired and worn but after 200 years I wasn't exactly expecting the Kimmel center.  Nothing artsy or flashy. Very traditional looking.  You won't mistake this for a Frank Lloyd Wright design.
With that in mind, it is not a dump either. There is a high brow, serious, brooding feel to the theater which helps punctuate this establishment's excellent reputation for top shelf theatrical productions.

The Feel
Theater seating is very comfortable. Thick padded seats with fairly ample space for your legs.  Pretty good views, though I suspect the seating could be a little steeper.  I am 5' 9" tall and the woman's head in front of me did block some of the stage.
I could hear the performance no problem and I'm convinced there is not a bad seat in the place.

The Dress Code.
Semi-casual. I wrote an article on that here  Dress Code of Walnut Street Theater

The Clientele
Mostly a senior crowd, though I went to see a fairly old play.  I was told that the theater has a 91% subscription rate, which is excellent.  Subscriptions tend to be purchased by older rather than younger crowds so this likely explains the older demographic.

Other Amenities
Snack and coffee bars that also serve alcohol. Full bar and lounge on the first floor.  There is a coat check

Plenty of parking within a couple blocks of the theater.

Would I Go Again?

Yep.  Good place to see a performance. A Philadelphia institution. Comfortable seating. Top shelf plays and musicals

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  1. I'm excited to visit there for the first time (I'm from Michigan) to see Eric Kunze as Chris in Miss Saigon, running May 17-July 17. He is worth the trip!