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Cheap Fishing Bait to Catch Bass On ... Better than Crank Bait

I lose crank bait all the time. Crank bait is great fun to use and generally, while not considered "weedless" will keep out of the weeds and not get snagged easily.  It is expensive though. Cheap crankbait can run a couple to a few dollar a piece and Rapalla crankbaits can run five, six, seven, eight dollars and up.  Lose one and it is like losing a piece of your wallet.

Crankbait is not the only bait catch a nice bass. There are other fishing baits out there that will land you a lunker.

I wrote an article on Hubpages that delves into this easy to find, easy to use fishing bait.  You'll learn how to rig this bait and how to use it. Check out the link below 

Cheap Fishing Bait to Catch Bass On

If you get time, when you are not out at the lake of course, please check out some of my other TurtleDog posts.  I'd appreciate it.

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