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Add Commas to Excel - Format Cells

Add commas to Excel cells when you want to separate zero's to make numbers easier to read.  These commas are commonly referred to as thousand-separators. 
When you add commas (aka thousand separators)  to Excel cells, you will make it a lot easier for people to understand the value of the numbers.  For example 10,000,000,000 is a lot easier to read than 10000000000.

Basically, adding commas to Excel is real easy.  It is just a simple cell - number format.

I wrote an article on how to add commas to Excel.   Check it out.  I have linked it below.

Add Commas To Cells - Click Here

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  1. Oh, thanks a lot! Excel is the only MS product I still can;t reconcile myself to;) I'm sure I'll handle it in some time, but right now all tips for Excel are extremely helpful for me personally;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I hope that helped separate your thousands ;-)