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Who Wrote Full Metal Jacket - Gustav Hasford Wrote Free Web Book

When most people think of theVietnam War movie "Full Metal Jacket" they think of Stanley Kubrick.  Stanley Kubrick was not the author of the book that inspired the creation of the film though.

A book called "The Short Timers" was written by Gustav Hasford. It is based on his experience as a Marine grunt fighting in the Vietnam War.  The book "The Short Timers" is the story that the Full Metal Jacket script is based upon.

So,  to answer the question "Who Wrote Full Metal Jacket" the answer is Gustav Hasford.  The book is actually available for free on the web.  I have not yet read the entire book, but it is pretty similar to the movie, especially the Boot Camp part, the "Gomer Pyle" recruit and the atrocities they faced under their drill sergeant matches book and movie to a tee.

Interestingly enough, for those of you (like me) looking for free eBooks online, the book "The Short Timers" is available online for free. Not sure you'd exactly call it an Bbook but it is out there. FYI.... I didn't try the download version so I don't know about security, how much space it takes on the hard drive, etc etc but there is an HTML version you can simply view as a web page. Check it out. I have it linked here and below:

Free Short Timers Book

Hopefully you'll enjoy it.  Beats trying to find it in a book store.

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