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Convert Volume Liters to Gallons Gal To L On Cell Phone

Say you have a tank or aquarium and you want to cover the amount of liquid in there from liters to gallons, can you do so easily?  Actually, you probably can. Converting from gallons to liters or liters to gallons can be done on most cell phones.

I bought a Samsung Reality cell phone and found that I could do just about any liquid measurement conversion easily.  There is a calculator on the cell phone handset that is easy to use for converting just about any English measurement to metric measurement and, metric to English measurements.

I wrote an article on how to do this.  You might not have a Samsung cell phone. That might not matter. The article I have linked below is tailored for a Samsung Reality phone but it might work for yours as well.  

Very handy tool when you need it.  Check it out. I linked it below

Learn to Do Liquid Conversions on Samsung Reality Cell Phone

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