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Artist With Scribble Drawing Paintings at Philadelphia Museum of Art - Could My Kid Do That

I know who that scribble artist is that draws like a child. He has an entire gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a renowned art museum featuring the greatest of artists both past and present.  There are some world famous artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Pollack, Van Gogh, Eakins and, of course,  Cy Twombly.
Cy who?

Cy Twombly is the artist at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that does those streaks, curves, scribbles of lines on sometimes enormous canvass.  He has more space dedicated to his work that most other artist.  I have heard many people react to his work with the classic modern art rebuttal " My kid could do that !"   Could a child paint or draw like Cy Twombly?

Even more interesting, he is famous in spite of being still alive.  A living art legend, Cy Twombly has been on the art scene for decades and is featured all over the word.

I did an article Cy Twombly and I also did an article reviewing the Philly Museum of Art (PMA).   I have linked them below.
There are plenty of photos of my experience at the museum and Twombly's work.  Check it out. .  Feel free to comment!

Cy Twombly - Worst or Greatest?

Check Out The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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