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Faxing Straight From a PC Computer to other Computers - Do I Like OpenText

Open Text or Captaris Right Fax is a program that allows your fax to be right on your PC computer without needing a 'dummy' fax.

Essentially you can queue up documents, pdf, xpf, xls, etc and go ahead and fax to any fax number straight from your PC.

I did an article on my thoughts on Open Text (aka RightFax) and hope that you like it. The article gets into the benefits of a desktop 'dummy' fax versus the benefits of having a fax right on your PC.

Faxing Straight From a PC Computer to Other Computers

Add New Page to Your Right Fax

If you get some time in your busy business schedule, please also read some of my other posts.  Feel free to start faxing them to all of your buddies as well :-)

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