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How to Get Moving with a Dead Car Battery

Get a car battery started without any mechanical ability.

Have you ever walked out to your car only to find the battery dead? Maybe you know it's a dead battery because you left your lights on or you simply know your battery is shot. Either way you'll need to get moving. Read on to learn how to get moving with a dead car battery .



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      OK, first, I won't waste your time suggesting using jumper cables. There's a million articles on that subject that are more in depth. Dwelling on that would be like reinventing oxygen :-) Please read on for more ideas....
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      If your battery is dead because you left the lights on, there may still be a small charge left in the battery to get you started. Turn off all lights, the cabin light, unplug the cell phone charger and all accessories. Do NOT try turning the car on right away. Let it sit for about 10 or 15 minutes and give it a try. This doesn't work often but did for me once.
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      Is your battery real old? Are you handy? Borrow another car and buy a new battery and install it yourself. If you are real strong and the store is real close, grab a study backpack and walk over to the store if you are in a real pinch. Careful though. Batteries are real heavy.
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      Do you have auto 'rental' insurance on your auto policy? If so, most insurance companies include roadside assistance. You may have it and not know it. Call your insurance company. They'll send a guy out to charge your battery.
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      Do you have any other roadside assistance? Are you a AAA member? If so, call them for help.
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      If you are in a real jam and no one can help, contact your local mechanic. They'll refer you to a service that can help you for a fee. If they aren't busy they may even send one of their own guys out.
Regardless how you get your car started, do not turn your car off right away. Be sure to drive it around town or keep it running for 10 minutes or so. This will allow the alternater of the car to assist with getting the battery charged again.


  1. Headlights, radios and other electronic accessories can overwhelm a drained battery that is running solely off the maintenance current of a car's charging system. Your car's charging system is not designed to completely recharge a drained battery. A jump start and driving around for a while may get your battery going again but you will need to completely recharge it.

  2. Thanks for the extra advice! Appreciate tips on getting the car started from pros like you guys. Thanks for stopping by.

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