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How to Be A Great Summer Intern Employee

 Be the Best Temporary Worker Interning

Hi! Being a summer intern is a great way to gain experience. I work in supply chain management for a reputable manufacturer and have met a lot of great interns. Read on to learn how to be a great summer intern employee.

Moderately Easy


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      First Step is to keep in mind that companies are not typically hiring interns out of the goodness of their heart. They are hiring interns to do short term projects or help out departments experiencing unusual increases in their work loads. Specifically they are trying to do this as cheaply as possible....
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      Often interns lack experience and skills in the job they are seeking so your overall attitude is everything. Your attitude may be the only tool you bring with you so use it effectively. To do this, remember....
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      Enthusiasm. If you finish a task and find yourself without something to do, ask your boss for another task. Keep asking for additional work. Even if you aren't perfect, they'll always love your enthusiasm.
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      Conscientious. Be conscientious and proactive. You are going to make mistakes. If you do screw up and you can't fix it, please don't hide it. Don't ask your boss to fix it either. Ask your boss how YOU can fix it.
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      Be an employee. Sure you may eventually be pursuing your MBA towards CEO decadence but employers expect interns to be employees. You aren't always going to get a glamorous job, honestly, that's what the full timers do. Be sure to do whatever it is your employer asks of you. Drive the truck, take out the trash, copy documents, whatever, do it. Perception is everything. Act in this way and your employer will perceive you as a 'take all comers' worker.
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      Respect. Very important. Let's face it, just as important as doing a good job is showing respect for others. Especially respect toward those you work for. Work is about relationships. If you can overcome personality differences and treat people with respect, others will do the same for you.
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      Stay interested and positive. When people talk to you and ask you to do to do work, be positive. Smile, nod you head and say 'yes' a lot. Don't be gloomy or complain. If you are given a lot of tasks to do, write them down and ask questions if you feel it is necessary. It will show you are interested and care.
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      Gratitude. I've seen a lot of really good employed interns miss this one. When your internship / employment is over or coming to an end, be sure to thank everyone involved in person if possible. Don't just shake hands and say 'Thanks'. Spend a minute or two for a brief thanks and some small talk. Be positive, you are making a last impression here! Also, follow up in a week or two with a short thank you note to everyone involved. Even if you hated the job, you want to be remembered as a good employee. You never know, you might need to work there again in the future or simply get a good reference.

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