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How to Identify and Recognize a Sweetgum Redgum Sapgum Tree

Five point leaf trees

How to Identify and Recognize a Sweetgum Redgum Sapgum Treethumbnail
Identify and Recognize a Sweetgum Redgum Sapgum Tree

You may have walked by a Sweetgum (also known as a Redgum or Sapgum tree ) tree many times and never knew it by name. It looks like a Maple Tree but isn't. Read on to learn How to Identify and Recognize a Sweetgum Tree.

Moderately Easy


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      First look at the area around you. Is it a fairly mixed, woody area? That is, are there a lot of different trees in the relatively same area? Often Sweetgum / Redgum / Sapgum trees grow in this sort of habitat.
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      Then, stand back and look at the tree. The Sweetgum is definitely not one you'd want in your home :-) It grows pretty big. Up to 60-100 in some cases. Crown, or area above the trunk with all the leaves will appear somewhat long and oval to cone-shaped in some cases. (as opposed to short and rounder like a dogwood etc). See picture above.
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      Step up close to the tree. Look at the leaves. The leaves are very maple-like but this isn't a maple tree. The leaves are bright green (this picture was taken near the fall season so it isn't as green as usual and will eventually turn redish). The leaves are star shaped with five or seven points.
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      Looks at the end of the branch. Do the tree's leaves protrude like this? The Sapgum / redgum / Sapgum leaves protrude out about 5 or so thick stems at a time from the branch.
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      Look at the trunk bark . The sweetgum tree trunk bark has deep furrows and is somewhat gray in color.
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      Do you see any fruit? If it is the right time, sweetgum / redgum / sapgum trees drop a fruit that is greenish brown, round shaped that hangs by a stem a couple inches long
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      If it has met the above, you've successfully identified your Sweetgum / Sapgum / Redgum tree. Thanks for reading!!

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