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How to Determine Relative Major to Relative Minor Scale for Guitar Bass or any Instrument

Converting Relative Major to Relative Minor Keys Easy

Knowing how to translate a minor key to its relative major is a helpful way to not only better understand playing with your bass guitar, but on any musical instrument. Relative means they share the same notes. Often songs that are played in on a particular minor key will also use that minor's relative major in the same song. So grab your guitar , bass , piano , or whatever and lets start making some music.



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      Make a mental note of which minor key or scale you are playing. Basically the starting note, also called the root note, defines the minor key you are playing. If your 'first' note is an A on your minor scale you are playing in A minor
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      OK, grab that guitar (or bass or keyboard or kazoo :-) ..... Look at the root note in your key. In the case of A minor it is an A
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      Then look at that key's "third" . In other words, what note is the third in the key you are playing. Using A minor, for example, the third note is a C .
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      Then, try to visualize this. It is best to do this in front of a piano or guitar or your favorite musical instrument. If you try to do it mentally without looking at an instrument, think of it this way..... Using A minor, again for example, A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A.
      A (is the first)-B (is the second)-C (is the third)-D (is the fourth)-E (is the fifth)-F (is the sixth) -G (is the seventh)-A (is the eighth or Octave) . C being the 'third' is the relative major.
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      To go from relative Major to relative Minor. I do the same above but I go to the sixth note instead of the third.
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      I hope that helps. Keep in mind that this works for guitar , bass , piano or any musical instrument. Thanks for Reading my How to Determine Relative Major to Relative Minor Scale for Guitar / Bass or any Instrument

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