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How to Meditate Using Imagery to Reduce Stress Easy

Meditating Using Imagery to Lower Stress Easy

This is a real easy, basic, free meditative exercise to help you reduce stress and anxiety whether at work or at home. Read on to learn how to Meditate Using Imagery to Reduce Stress Easy



    • 1
      OK! Let's relieve some of that stress and anxiety! First lay down in a comfortable position. Get yourself cozy. You can do this sitting up if you'd like, but be sure you can relax all your muscles.
    • 2
      Think of something that you really like to do. Keep in mind if this something is causing you stress, eh, think of something ELSE you really like to do.
    • 3
      If you love hiking, for example, think of yourself alone on a peaceful wooded trail. You should instantly feel less anxiety and stressed
    • 4
      Then, put as much pleasurable detail into this meditative process as possible. Start with a nice visual feel. What does the image look like? Is the weather beautiful. Incorporate your favorite images.
    • 5
      Then, try to fill all your senses with such wonderful imagery. Think of how things smell. Using the hiking example above, can you smell the warm breeze of summer, the crisp leaves of fall, the clean air of winter?
    • 6
      What do you hear? Your favorite bird call? What kind of bird is it? Is there a nearby stream running water? Keep using these images in your meditative process and you'll feel less stressed.
    • 7
      Try incorporating breathing techniques as well (I have an article on that too as well as do other Ehow authors). Your career stress or home anxieties should melt away :)
    • 8
      I hope that helps you with your stress management. Stress is tough but managing it using these techniques can be fun. Thanks for reading my How to Meditate Using Imagery to Reduce Stress Easy article !

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