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How to Interview Using Personality to Find a Job

Interviewing to Get the right Jobs

Much is written on interviewing that is far too over thought and technical. A job search often comes down to personality. Read on to learn How To Interview Using Personality to Find a Job

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      First step ... Think about it. Your prospective boss isn't trying to find a new best friend, but I assure you, they will much prefer to work with someone they are personally compatible with. Don't base the whole interview on personality but try to find just one thing that you and your prospective boss will connect with. This will make you stand out from all the other candidates.
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      Next...Check out the interviewer's office or work area. What does it look like? Is there anything there you can truly connect with? If the interviewer has a softball trophy and you are an athlete too, then by all means mention it and ask them about it. Is there a book in their office you've read? A picture or poster that catches your eye? Try to connect with something.
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      Connect with something they say. Is there something the interviewer says that you can personally connect with? Maybe they reference a line from a TV show or their pet or something that means something to them?? If they do, comment on it and try to draw a connection to yourself that they'll remember.
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      Say something that connects with the interviewer. This is a tricky one but if you have a good personal zinger, you'll stand out for sure. I remember a case where a young man wanted to move 150 miles to New York.. Every time a woman interviewed him and asked why he would travel so far for a new job, he replied "Well, I visited New York and fell in love with a girl." Quite an answer. That woman may have heard 100 interviews that week but HE'S the one that's in love!! Talk about standing apart.
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      Keep it in perspective. Job interviews aren't easy, but keep in mind that very few interviewers are professional interviewers. Most are managers and employees just like you and I. Sure, they want you to prove that you can perform the job well, but just as important, they want someone they can be comfortable with personally.
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      Thanks for reading my how to Interview Using Personality to Find a Job

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