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How to Win at Chess Fast

How to Win at Chess Fast

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Win at Chess Fast

Hi! Ever just want to blow away someone in just four moves? We'll read on and start crushing some opponents. This article will teach you how to win at chess fast



things you'll need:

  • chess set
    • 1
      This strategy works best against a novice but can catch even a seasoned, but unsuspecting, player by surprise...
    • 2
      For your first move (click on the photo if it is too small to read), take the pawn in front of your king and move it forward two spaces. This is a very time tested, standard move in chess so at this point, your opponent won't be expecting anything tricky.
    • 3
      For your second move, take the bishop that is next to your king and move it three spaces diagonally so that it is in front of your other bishop (as shown)
    • 4
      For your third move, move your queen diagonally four spaces so that it is positioned as shown. (Side Note: Now... chances are good if your intentions are discovered, that your opponent will attack the queen with his knight's pawn. If he does, it is not all bad. Just retreat your queen. By moving out that pawn your opponent has hurt his chances of effectively castling to that side. Your quick win won't happen, but you've hurt his defenses)
    • 5
      For your last move, capture your opponent's pawn as shown (the pawn in front of the bishop). Announce 'Checkmate'. The king can't capture your queen because of your bishop. He can't run either. Game over, you've won!

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