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Does Match Tell End of Membership End Date? Yes and No

Match, as in the relationship site won't come right out and tell you that your membership is ending in a few days. There is no warning from that your subscription is ending. When your membership is up, it automatically renews and Match charges your credit card according to your most recent subscription plan.  In other words, if you had a three month membership and it expires, your credit card will start being charged the current rate for the next three month cycle.

This you need to watch out for unless you are fine with renewing.  There are no banners that display on your home page or profile that count down the moments until your account will be charged again. There is no email notification warning you to make up your mind as to whether you will renew.

With all that in mind, Match does not exactly make your renewal date a secret either. They just make it hard to find.

The answer to the question "Does Match tell you the end of your membership date" is a yes and/or no answer.  No they don't come right out and tell you but yes, there is certainly a way to find out when your subscription renews.

I wrote an article on how to tell when your match subscription is about to expire.  Check it out. I should help you to better control your money payments to this famous online relationship dating site.

How to Know When Dating Site Subscription Ends

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