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How to Avoid Being Locked out of your Apartment Home

How to keep from being locked outside of your home.

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Avoid Being Locked out of your Apartment Home

Hi! Have you ever locked yourself out of the house or Apartment? Especially if you live alone or no one is around? It's a real bad feeling. Want to know how to avoid this? Read on to learn How To Avoid Being Locked out of your Apartment Home



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      You probably have a spare key inside your apartment. That is great if you lose your 'main' key while at home, but if you are locked out, it won't do any good.
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      I don't recommend giving your spare key to a neighbor. People move, people are no longer friends, people may be away when you need them...etc
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      Also... don't hide the spare under the mat, in the window flowers, on the back deck, on the door frame, etc.... the burglars already know those spots :-)
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      To keep yourself from being locked out, have one more key made. That is, in addition to the key you carry with you and your spare(s), have an extra key made...
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      Do not label this extra key at all. Be sure there are no markings or anything that identifies your key to your apartment or home or address or yourself....
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      Hide this key somewhere at least 100 feet or more from your property. Hide it within walking distance but as far away as possible. ONLY do this with your doorknob key since this is the only lock that you can possibly lock yourself out on. Deadbolt locks need to be locked and unlocked with a key, so I doubt you'll accidentally lock yourself out via the deadbolt. The doorknob lock is the only one you can accidentally close behind you without a key.
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      Be creative in your hiding location and remember to keep it far from your home. For example, you may live in an apartment building with multiple floors. Try hiding it somewhere in the building at least a couple floors away from your own. Mine is nine floors with ninety units. I have mine hidden in the basement of my building, taped behind a pipe. It's been there for years untouched (Except by me :-) I don't recommend this for people who live in apartments with only a couple units per floor but for many units per floor it works great.
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      Maybe somewhere in your building you can tape it beneath or along side of the stairs? I've done this, I just have to keep an eye out for when they repaint the stairs every year :-) If you do this, be sure it isn't on the same floor you are on. Keep it multiple floors away from you. I don't recommend this for people who live in apartments with only a couple units per floor but for many units per floor it works great.
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      Another thought ... You may not realize it, but your apartment may be on a large property. Perhaps this property is surrounded by woods or some sort of barrier? Try searching for a spot there. Try attaching it where no one can easily see it. A big 'ol fallen tree or log may work if it is far from your apartment. Maybe there is a living tree that is out of sight? Try tacking it to a branch where no one can see it from the ground (keep it real low though so you can get it easy but high enough so it can't be found).
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      Have you ever seen those fake rocks people buy in hardware or home stores? These fake rocks have a compartment in them designed to hide keys. That's another great idea, just DON'T hide it ANYWHERE near your home. The bad guys are well aware of fake rocks. Keep it far away in some brush on the property. Again, keep it within walking distance but at least 100 or more feet away.
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      If the property is real small and there are only a few apartment units (let's say less than 10 units) use common sense as to whether this idea will work.
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      I know what you are thinking.... "What if someone finds the key? Won't they be able to break in ?" Nah... as long as you keep it far from your front door and DO NOT label your key you'll be fine. For example, if someone found the key in the basement of my building, this unlikely chain of events would have to happen: 1) The person who found the key would have to be a potential burglar and 2) Realize it was a door key and 3) try the lock of about fifty or sixty apartments before they found mine and 4) Be willing to risk a LOT of attention to themselves in the process. 5) Plus, if I was home I'd probably have the chain lock on and 5) Even if I wasn't home, I'd have the deadbolt on.... etc.. get the idea...? If you can't accept this risk, don't do it of course, but the odds are very small of a problem.
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      Use common sense when hiding your key. Don't hide it in places that get mowed or maintenanced often. Keep it as far as possible from your apartment. Keep it out of sight. Keep it away from pedestrian traffic. Do not label it.
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      Also... if you are in a bad area or high crime zone, don't risk these ideas at all. Better safe than sorry.
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      Once you've found your hiding spot, check it every so often. It will help you remember where this spot is as well as let you know if it is missing.
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