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How to Start Plant Seeds Indoors

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Start Plant Seeds Indoors

Hi. There are tons of great seed starting ideas out there. Some complex, some simple. This is a real, real simple and effective way to learn out to start plant seeds indoors

You'll need
  • seed starting pot
  • seed starting soil
  • seeds


    • 1
      First, get yourself some seed starting soil from any garden store. Also grocery stores and other specialties stores carry it as well. You can also use potting soil but starting soil is a better mixture and consistency to start seeds.
    • 2
      Also purchase seeds of your choice. Keep in mind, some seeds it will not be necessary to "start" them and you can just plant directly into soil outside or into a large indoor pot if appropriate. Read the back of the seed package for instructions.
    • 3
      Lastly, purchase starter pots. These are small pots only a few inches square by few inches deep (see picture below). If you are creative you can make your own, but I just buy them.
    • 4
      When you get home, read the back of the seed package. It will tell you how many weeks to start the seeds in advance of transplanting outdoors
    • 5

      Fill your starter pot with starter soil as shown, then bury the seeds according to the direction on the back of the seed packet. Most will tell you to drop 1, 2 or 3 seeds about 1/4" deep into the soil and cover lightly.
    • 6
      Put the starter pot in a pan or on a dish or something that will catch water and dirt that may leak out when you water. Then pour water into the pots. Don't turn the pots into mud, but be sure to water enough that you see some water come out of the bottom of the pot and into the pan or dish.
    • 7
      Put in a sunny area in your home, preferably in a room that is closest to the recommended temperature on the seed packet (usually around 75 or so degrees)
    • 8

      Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have my own personal greenhouse in my home, so what I do is sort of make one... sort of..:-)
      After planting the seeds and watering, take a sheet of plastic (the same stuff you wrap a sandwich in) and stretch it over the pot as shown.
    • 9
      You'll notice over time, the water you filled in the pot evaporates and the condensation builds on top of the plastic. This is good because as the condensation gets heavy enough it will 'rain' back down on your seeds. You'll see what I mean. This is great as you don't have to water as much and it naturally regulates the amount of moisture. You'll still have to water from time to time and remove the plastic when the seedlings start to hit the plastic, but this method works great.
    • 10
      Depending on what you have planted, your seedlings should eventually appear (instructions on the seed packet vary). Some will appear quickly others will take weeks. Be sure to check the soil for dampness and water from time to time. Don't over water. Remove plastic if the seedlings start to hit it.
    • 11

      I don't have a yard, so I use a large pot depending on what I'm planting. Regardless, after the first frost, transplant outdoors or in a pot depending on the instructions in your seed packet. Good luck and thanks for reading my article on how to start plant seeds indoors. You'll love the results.

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