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How to Easily Grow Radishes on Balcony

Plant radish plants on porch, deck, balcony at home.

How to Easily Grow Radishes on Balconythumbnail
Easily Grow Radishes on Balcony

Radishes are so easy to grow. They are perfect for someone who wants gardening results fast. This article is helpful for not only growing on your balcony, but also in the ground as well.



    • 1
      Choose a pot or pan. I actually used an old, plastic dish washing pan for these radishes. Choose a pan or pot of any size but keep in mind you'll want to plant the seeds about 6 inches apart.
    • 2
      Put soil in the pan/pot. I used store bought soil that continuously fertilizers for up to three months as I also used the same soil to pot my tomato plants, thyme, peppers, etc
    • 3
      Soil depth... this one I have to speculate a bit. I was able to grow radishes in only a few inches of soil. My pan is only about 4-5" deep. I suspect deeper soil would have produced better results. That said, clearly radishes don't need super deep soil.
    • 4
      Work the soil. Store bought soil is already well worked, but mix it up good so that it isn't dense or clumpy. If you are planting in the ground or using ground soil, mix it real well.
    • 5
      Plant the seeds about 1/2" into the ground. When planting the seeds, plant in rows. You can plant the seeds an inch or so apart but keep the rows themselves about six inches apart. In a small pan, do the best you can. My apologies in advance for not using more pictures (I already had these growing when it dawned on me to do this article :-)
    • 6
      Keep in bright sunlight. When the first fronts ends put outside on your balcony or wherever you choose in good sunlight.
    • 7
      Keep soil moist but not over saturated.
    • 8
      Wait for the seedlings. They'll begin to pop up in about six days! If you planted the seeds close together, thin out so that the seedlings stand about 2 inches apart. By this I mean remove seedlings as necessary so the remaining ones are at least two inches apart.
    • 9
      Keep well watered. Once the leaves and stalks appeared I had to water at least once daily sometimes twice. If I missed a day or two, you'll see the plant wilt in no time. This may have been because I used so little soil. Just water immediately and it will bounce back
    • 10
      Harvest. In about 20-30 days you should see results! Watch for when the stem starts to get red/purple and the radish bumps out of the ground as shown.
    • 11
      Then pick it! Grab by the base near the soil and gently remove. Then clean it and eat it! YUM!!! Hope this helped you to learn to easily grow radishes on your balcony (or wherever you'd like to grow them :-)

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