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How to Install a Car Headlight Bulb

Put New Front Lights in an Automobile Easy

How to Install a Car Headlight Bulbthumbnail
Install a Car Headlight Bulb

I might be the worst mechanic on the planet. Seriously, there are petunias more mechanical than me. That said, I can do some real basic stuff. If I can do it, you can do it. Read on to learn how to install a car headlight bulb .



things you'll need:

  • New headlight bulb that is designed for your car.
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      Before you rely entirely on my article, keep in mind that I own a 1995 Honda civic and replaced the headlight bulb in that car. Read ahead, if your car is similar, this article is right for you
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      Go to any auto parts store headlight section. There will be a catalog in the aisle. You'll need to know the make, model and year of your car. Look up make model and year of your car in the catalog to determine the correct headlight. The catalog will reference a part number for the correct headlight for your car.
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      That same part number will be written on the packaging of the headlight. Find the headlight with that number. If you aren't sure, just ask the clerk at the store to find it for you.
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      Go home, turn off the car, open your hood. Find the back of the headlight you need to fix. Note there is a plug in the back of the light. This is what connects the power to the headlight.
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      Grab the plug firmly and pull it out
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      There will be some rubber insulation in the vicinity of where you just pulled the plug out of. Pull back insulation. You'll see bottom of old headlight bulb.
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      There is a clip that holds in the bulb. The clip should just be 'hooked' in. Just unhook it so that it swings out (you won't have to remove it completely). Then remove the bulb.
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      When you open the package that holds the new bulb. Try not to touch the 'bulb' section of the bulb. Hold it by the base. I'm told certain car headlight bulbs lose life if they come in contact with oils from your hand.
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      Holding the bulb by the base, install the bulb and reverse the process above. Start the car and see if it works OK. Then you are all set.

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