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How to Fix Car Bumper Trim a Cheap Easy Lazy Repair

Easy Way to Fix that Fender

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Fix Car Bumper Trim a Cheap Easy Lazy Repair

There are a number of problems you can have with your automobile bumper trim. One case is where one end of the front trim detail is falling or sagging down. Here's the ultimate simple way to repair it and will save you money on auto body repair. Read on to learn How to Fix Car Bumper Trim a Cheap Easy Lazy Repair



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      First, take your hand and press the trim of your car's bumper back up into the bottom of the bumper so it is no longer falling or sagging down
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      Then observe how the trim detail and automobile bumper fit together. In this case, the trim completely tore from the bolt holding it to the bumper / fender. It tore out so badly, I am not able to bolt it back on to the car bumper. That won't stop us here though.... we want to do some cheap or even free auto body repair here
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      Ultimately, we are going to clamp it back together. If you look closely along the wheel well, closest to the pavement, you can see the detail trim fits snug against the bumper as shown. This area I am pinching is the area we will clamp
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      Now for the secret ingredient. Grab yourself some heavy duty stationary clips. If you have something else you can substitute at home, great, but these are good because they are small and pinch real hard. If you have a variety of sizes, grab a few sizes and go outside to your automobile
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      Pick out the right size and then clip it on the car as shown. Keep the clip handles in toward the inside-underside of the car .
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      There! You've fixed your car bumper without the need for expensive parts or an automotive body shop repair. This won't necessarily be the right fix for everyone, but it's a start. Thanks for reading my How To Fix Car Bumper Trim a Cheap Easy Lazy Repair

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  1. I really appreciate the efforts you have put in your blog .It is interesting and helpful.I like the way to fix car bumper without need for expensive parts..Auto body repair Toronto

  2. Wow, thanks for this one! My car bumper just got detached because of a reckless driver who hit the back of my car. This can be better if you include video. But in any case, thanks!

    John Prue

  3. Using a heavy duty stationary clip is a good temporary solution. Thanks for the idea. It is still best to get your car bumper properly fixed, though.

    Tyra Shortino

  4. Thanks guys for stopping by and checking out this easy fix. Yes, I agree would be best to get properly fixed and I suggest this in the long term.

    Thanks again!