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How Much Do Bill O'Reily Matt Lauer Earn Salary 2011

Bill OReily and Matt Lauer both make a lot of money in 2011.
Bill O'Reily made his fame and fortune as a conservative political pundant.  Matt Lauer earns his paycheck as host on the NBC Today show.  Both men have made their mark as television hosts over the years and have had their fair share of fame and controversy.   Remember Matt Lauer's on air argument with Tom Cruise?  Remember Bill OReily's on air.... we'll just about ever O'Reily program has its share of controversy.
According to the article I have linked below, Matt Lauer makes 17 million dollars year as of 2011.  Bill O'Reily makes 10 million dollars a year.

That is some serious cash in those paychecks!  Check out the article below

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