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How to Know What to Do After A Car Accident

Here's What to Do After A Car Crash

Hi! OK, say you've just been in a car accident. This article will tell you what to do after a car accident. I've had an accident before and everything worked out fine using these helpful tips

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    • 1
      When the accident occurs, stop immediately to ensure your car is in control. If car can be moved, try not to obstruct traffic.
    • 2
      Turn off the ignition. Guard against fire.
    • 3
      Find out if everyone is OK. Call the police right away and report any injuries
    • 4
      Be careful what you say to others at this time and do not be quick to accept guilt. One question that might be asked by either insurance company and certainly during trial or arbitration (it did to me) is if you discussed the accident with anyone involved. If you answer is 'Yes', you will be asked about specifics. The last thing you'll want to repeat over and over and over is that you told everyone you were at fault, or that you were cursing or yelling at someone, or being a jerk ... etc..
    • 5
      Here's a good reason to keep pen and paper in the car. Write down all license plate numbers, makes, and models of all cars involved.
    • 6
      Write down names of all witnesses, drivers and injured persons. Get their insurance information as well. Give them your's too.
    • 7
      It wouldn't hurt to make a sketch of the drawing or the scene too. The police officer will likely do the same but it never hurts to have your own record. Note street names, street directions, positions of witnesses other cars, etc.
    • 8
      Get as much info as you can from the police officer. You may need to file a written report. You may also need to purchase a copy of the police report if you feel you need one. The police officer will instruct you on this.
    • 9
      If your case goes to trial, you'll be asked about weather conditions, total distance you drove, your speed, what medications you were on, were you wearing glasses, what street you were on, which way you turned, how heavy was traffic, were there any witnesses, etc. etc. Make as many notes as possible
    • 10
      Contact your insurance agent right away. They are actually pretty helpful. While an accident is horrible and rare for you and I, to them it is a daily occurrence and they've seen it all. They'll give you further instructions.
    • 11
      If you were driving for work reasons, call your employer right away.
    • 12
      Keep all of your records for a long, long time. Really. Don't think that after your car is fixed, you are reimbursed and you don't hear anything for the next 6 months that everything is finished. Almost one year later, after I heard nothing, I received notification that I was being sued (I won). It comes out of nowhere. So keep those notes!

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  1. These would probably useful in times of accidents. You may memorize it, but you can only do these if you have the presence of mind.

    Ethan Rehman