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How to Walk To Work to Save Gas Money

Get better car MPG by simply walking to work for a change. You can live without the automobile :-)

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Walk To Work to Save Gas Money
Hi! Walking to work is a great way to save money on gas, spare your car wear and tear, and will give you great exercise. The biggest obstacle is that people don't think walking to work is possible. Read on to learn how to walk to work to save gas money .



Things You'll Need

  • Good sneakers
  • Good motivation
  • Desire to save a few bucks :-)
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      Let's be honest, those of you who live 10 miles from work won't find this article useful, particularly on a regular basis unless you are a serious hiker. Those of you who are within say 5 miles or whatever you can tolerate, keep reading...
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      Most accidents occur within 10 miles of home) and are hard on the car. If you are in good health, you can walk these distances no problem, in even less time than you think .... here's how...
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      First, get yourself motivated. Maybe it's a nice day, so remind yourself of that. How often do you get outside and really walk a good stretch? Think of how healthy the activity is. Think of how invigorated you'll be. Think of how there is no way you'll have a car accident today. Think of how much gas you'll mileage on the wearing out the breaks .... etc
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      Determine if you have enough time to walk to work. There are several opinions on the average human walking speed. I've heard 2-3, 3 and 3-4 miles per hour. So figure on the low side, 2-3 miles per hour. Divide the distance it takes you in a car by 2.5 and your have an approximate time.
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      Don't fret if that seems like a lot of time, keep reading before you give up.... :-)
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      Plan your route and cut down your distance. This is the part where you really reduce time and distance. The shortest distance between two points is a Straight Line. Don't walk the same route that you drive in your car. That is, get off the road if necessary. Cut through anywhere that is legal in order to stay on a straight line to work. Walk through a park, behind a shopping center, across a parking lot. Just stay on a straight line. You'll be surprised at the time you make.
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      Avoid walking on right angles as well. Say your are on a sidewalk that runs along a grass ball field. Instead of walking down the side walk, turning left at the corner and continuing on the sidewalk, opt to cut straight across the field! You'll save time. Every little bit adds up quickly.
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      Wear a good pair of sneakers. You'll be more comfortable and your legs will feel lighter. If work doesn't allow sneakers, bring a light backpack and stow your work shoes in. A good pair of sneakers will make your feet feel lighter and more comfortable
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      Invest in a lightweight backpack. Think about what you would want if the weather turns sour. Bring a compact umbrella in case it rains. Bring a light rain jacket. Bring a change of shirt and deodorant if it is sticky hot out. Gloves and hat for the cold. Bring a water bottle for dry thirst, etc.
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      Also pack what you think you might need when you get to work. A comb and washcloth might help you freshen up. A change of shoes, socks or shirt. Pack your lunch. Pack a snack. Whatever you think you need.
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      Remember to also bring any work supplies you may normally keep in your car....
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      Whatever you do, be sure to try it. The worst thing that will happen is that you'll do it once, save money on gas, get a good workout, and hate it. You've lost nothing. If you like it, you'll gain so much more over time. Get out there and enjoy.

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