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How to Fix Security Certificate Error Windows Computer

How to correct window security certificate messages

Security Certificate warnings protect you against unsafe web sites. However, sometimes there's a glitch where you get this message all the time when it is not necessary. Please read on to learn how to Fix Security Certificate Error for Windows Computer

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      This message is serious business. It is your system protecting you from entering unsafe or suspicious web sites. Sometimes though, the message is not necessary at all....
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      If you notice you are getting this message all of the time, even for sites you regularly visit, check the time and date on your computer.
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      Most of the time, if this message is an actual false alarm, your time and date settings are messed up. I'm not sure how this happens but it is sure easy to fix...
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      Click on the time down on your tool bar (it is the bottom right corner of the screen on my computer...)
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      A window will appear showing your date and time settings. Click on the Date & Time tab...
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      If the date and time is not correct, change the month, day and year (make sure you get all three right. ..I messed up the first time :-)....
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      Also, change the time setting. Be sure to remember to set the correct AM or PM setting....
    • 8
      Hit the APPLY button (very important... don't hit the OK button, hit the APPLY button)
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      Then click on the INTERNET TIME tab....
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      Click the UPDATE NOW button. Give it a minute. It may not update right away. It will tell you when it is updated ok.
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      If by chance it tells you there was and Error updating the time, this could be for a number of reasons. Most likely, it is because you've set a time that is more than 15 hours off from the actual time/date OR you forgot to hit the APPLY button in the Date/Time tab. Check to be sure your date and time are correct and hit APPLY, then do the update again.
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      You should stop seeing the security certificate error messages. If not, try going to the help section on the windows website. You may have a more serious problem. That said, this fix should work just about all the time.
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      Thanks soooo much for reading this How To Fix Security Certificate Error Windows Computer . 

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