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Photos Not Uploading On Any Site . Learn to Fix Pictures Upload Error Here


I recently ran into a situation following a Verizon high speed internet outage, where I could not upload pictures on any internet site.
At first, I thought it was only Ebay as I was getting an error code ME005 but then I noticed it on other sites as well such as Photobucket, Xomba, etc.
I tried restarting my computer, rebooting my high speed internet modem and nothing seemed to work.

The photo upload would just run for what seemed like forever and then would either just quit. On Ebay, I'd get the error message.

I contacted Verizon (my high speed internet provider). I was a little skeptical of the advice but it actually worked and was easy to do.

I can not guarantee this will work for you, but it did for me. Here are the steps

Step 1

Remove the ethernet connector from the back of your modem for NO MORE than ten seconds (I use a Westell modem, your set up may differ).  

In other words, remove it and immediately put it back in. Don't keep it disconnected for more than 10 seconds. This was emphasized in the advice I received.

Step 2

Delete all of the cookies from your Internet browser.  See steps below. One is for Mozilla. The other for Internet Explorer.

Step 3
If you have Mozilla Firefox, you can simply do this by:  Tools - Options - Remove Individual Cookies -(then a window opens with a bunch of folders) then click Remove all Cookies.

Step 4

If you have Internet Explorer (IE7), which I don't use very often, you should be able to delete by: Tools - Internet Options - General Tab - Click Delete Button (under 'Browsing History'  - Click Delete Button in 'delete cookies' field - Yes

Step 5

Then try uploading a picture on the problem site(s).  It worked for me and, believe me, I was real skeptical about this working. It did correct my upload problem and I was able to post pictures again.

I hope that helped you determine why your photos are not uploading on any site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

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