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Locate Your Dell Express Service Code and Assett Tag Number on Your Dell PC Windows XP


If you are looking to have work or support done by Dell on your computer, you might need to locate your "Express Service Tag"  This article might be extremely dated. My hardware is quite old and all of my warranties I'm sure have long expired like the dodo bird.

That said, this article might help.

I also did an article recently on finding your Dell Service Tag number. I based in on the current, very old, computer I use from Dell as well as the ol' Windows XP operating system I run it off of.
There is also another way to locate the Dell Service tag number but in this case it is referred to as the "Asset Tag". Basically the same number.

Here's how to locate your Dell express service code and assett tag number on your Windows XP computer.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your PC screen.

Step 2

In the window that appears above the start button, select "Control Panel"

Step 3

A "Dell" window will appear. In it, you see a "Support Info" button. Click it.

Step 4

A "Dell" window will appear. In the middle you will see your Asset Tag and Dell Express Service Code.

I hope that helps!  Thanks for reading!

For Another Way to Find Your Dell Service Tag / Asset Code Click Below:

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  1. The step by step instructions worked great! Thank you for the help.