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Can't Log Off Match.Com Always Logged On Match

You like searching for love on but you find that you are logged on all the time right? For some reason you are not being logged off That is, when others view you it says something line " online now " but you aren't even on your computer or using the related application on your cell phone. This could be embarrassing if you think you have found that someone special and they take notice that you are still searching for a date on Match 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are a number of reasons why Match isn't logging you off. One reason there is no sign off is that when you are searching the site on your PC or Mac you are failing to log off before closing the website's window on your computer screen. This is probably too simple of an explanation though. I think your real problem here is that you've installed the app on your cell phone and the app you are using it a little tricky to use when it comes to logging on and logging off.

A quick way to double check this is to go to the Match app icon on your cell phone touch screen and press the icon. Once the app opens determine if it is asking you to log in or are you logged in right away? If you are logged in right away, the issue is that you are not logging out of the application before you close it. In other words, you are just pressing the back button on your phone, or closing the app without actually going to "Log Out" or "Sign Off" button

At least as of today's date I find the Match app pretty tricky to log out. Here is what I suggest:

Step 1

First, keep in mind that I am doing this on an LG Lucid cell phone but I suspect it will work the same on any phone. OK try this.....

When you are done browsing views, profiles, interests, photos, etc look to see if there is a "Menu" tab on the bottom of your screen. Don't press the menu tab, just see if one is there.

Step 2 - Not Seeing The "Menu" Tab

If you are not seeing the "Menu" tab press the back button on your cell phone. On the LG Lucid it is the bottom button with the arrow turning on itself. This button is next to the search (magnifying glass) button.

Press the back button until you see the "Menu" tab at the bottom of the screen. Again, don't press menu

Step 3 - If You See The "Menu" tab
Once you see this button go ahead and press the menu button on your cell phone. NOTE, do Not press the menu TAB on your cell phone touch screen, only press the menu button on your cell phone. On the LG Lucid this button is on the bottom far left with the square on it. It is not a button or icon on the application itself, it is
the one on the cell phone.

Step 4 - Refresh Settings Help

When you press the button the application should give you the option of "Refresh Settings Help" Press "Settings"

Step 5 - Press Sign Out

Then press "Sign Out" If you can't find "Sign Out" don't worry, you aren't the only one that struggles with this one. You'll see visibility settings, user info, text alerts, notifications and above all of that, in the upper right corner of the screen is the "Sign Out" button. Press it and you'll be signed out.

I hope that helps. Please Check Out Some Other Match Dot Com Tips Below