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What Happens When I Click Maybe On Match ? Answered Here

Match . com will offer up daily matches for members to review and see if they are interested.  The subscriber will review each of the daily matches one by one and in response to the 'Are You Interested " questions will click either 'yes', 'maybe' or 'no' (ie 'Yes I'm interested', 'Maybe I'm interested', and 'No, I'm not interested')

Some people ask what happens when I click ' maybe ' on Match?  This is a good question since a lot of members already know that if you click 'yes' (you are interested) for a particular member, that member is notified that he or she has caught your attention.   There is some trepidation that a 'maybe' response sends a message to that member indicating that you are only 'maybe' interested in them.  For some, including me, this would be an awkward, stilted, arrogant and somewhat insulting message to send to someone.

So When I Click The Maybe Button, does it tell the Match subscriber that I am interested?

No! It does not. No message (at least as of the time of this post) goes out telling them that you maybe have an interest in that member.

I hope that helps!

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