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View Blackberry Day Week Month Appointments Easy Fast With Trackball

Blackberry users always seem to be people on the go.  Multitasking, constant movement.  Blackberry users seems to be the travelling corporate type trying to complete a lot of goals in a little time.  

Getting things done quick, easy and fast on a Blackberry is of the essence.  Blackberries can be tough to navigate especially when you are on the run, so be sure to get done what you can in the easiest possible manner.

You can navigate your Blackberry calendar quickly and easily by following just a few steps. This article will help you to better view appointment times and stay organized.

Get yourself into the blackberry calendar first.

Then click your trackball. Once you do this you'll be able to select from a number a options or views I should say.
If you choose "View Day" you'll see summary for the day, showing appointments organized by their times.
If you select "View Week" you will see seven-day summary that shows each appointment by their times.
Choosing "View Month" tells your Blackberry to show every day of month with appointments organized by the day.
Lastly, the "View Agenda" command will list your upcoming appointments in detail view.
I hope that helps ! 
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