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What is That Big Macaroni Noodle in Love Park Philadelphia

There is a giant macaroni noodle in Love Park in Philadelphia.  At first I thought it was another work of art by Clause Oldenberg.  You've likely seen Oldenberg's work if you have walked around center city Philadelphia enough. Oldenberg is the creator of the giant clothespin near city hall's subway entrance. He old made the big "Torch" up the street on Broad near the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.

Seems to make sense that Clause Oldenberg would have made this big, curved macaroni noodle too as well, right? Wrong.

Actually, this big noodle was installed by Kraft, the noodle company.  Kraft gave money the Fairmount Park commission to offset costs this year and got to place this noodle there in return.

I have to say, it isn't the worst art-turned advertisement (or vice versa) I have ever seen. I'll estimate it is about 12 feet long and 5 feet high (maybe six as it is on a platform) The shape and position of the noodle makes it look like a big smile and has the words "You Know You Love It" printed across.

Like the Love Sculpture in Love Park, this noodle is fun and positive (even if it is just an ad).  It fits in well, though I do think it crowds Robert Indiana's  "Love" sculpture a bit.

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1 comment:

  1. Looks nice! I've been to Philadelphia, but i haven't seen it there.
    It would be fun to take a picture of me and macaroni :)