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How to Move File Folder to My Documents Above Start Button

On Windows PC computers there is a "My Documents" folder that is located just above the "Start" button. When you click on the Start button the Start Menu pops up and your can find the My Documents folder in the upper right hand corner of this menu.

I recently noticed that the folder where I actually store my documents on my hard drive could not be accessed by clicking on the "My Documents" in the start menu.  It took me a minute to figure out and I was able to set up my PC so that every time I clicked on "My Documents" in the Start Menu I was immediately sent to the file I need.

Please read on to learn  How to Move File Folder to My Documents Above Start Menu

Step 1

Find the folder that you want to pin to "My Documents"

Step 2

Right click on that folder

Step 3

In the box / window that appears, position your cursor over "Send to"

Step  4

In the box / window that appears select "My Documents"

Step 5

In the upper left corner of your PC screen you'll see the file transfer begin.  This can take anywhere from a few minutes to much longer. My file transfer took about 15 minutes.  Once that completes, you can then go to Start-My Documents and then you'll see your folder

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